Remix Contest

This is not something I often publicize, but outside of working on OSCulator, I am also the guitar player in the band Neïmo. We are releasing a second single, alongside the album launch in Germany.

For this occasion, we are teaming with the website Fairtilizer to invite creative musicians for a remix contest of the song Lines. By the way, we just shot a video for this song:

The winner of this contest will get his track digitally released, and some nice goodies, like a t-shirt, a 7 inch of the song Johnny Five, and super fashionable soft bag.

But there’s something more:

If the winner is also showing himself performing a part of the remix while using OSCulator on a small video (there’s no need to be a registered user), I would like to offer him a $100 iTunes gift certificate, and 5 free licenses to use on all his computers, or to share with his friends.

You can download the stems here, there is also some other important informations about how you submit the track. Deadline is set to April 15th.

NETLab Toolkit, a powerful Flash based framework

Philipp Van Allen, professor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, is offering a Flash based framework that allow the user to create interactive installations based on various inputs and outputs like DMX, MIDI, Audio I/O, microcontrollers, etc.

Quoted from his website:

> The NETLab Toolkit is for designers who want to create working projects that incorporate various sensors (touch, proximity, motion, light etc.), motors, LEDs, imagery, video, text and audio, engaging their audience in the physical world. The system provides these capabilities without requiring any code or management of the more complex technical details (such as communication protocols or data smoothing), much as blogging software enables writers to create dynamic websites without being experts in HTML or databases.

This is a very good alternative for users that need power and flexibility, but don’t want to go the Max/MSP route. Support for OSCulator is included, and should be no-brainer if you know how to forward OSC messages.

NETLab Toolkit Project Page


This one is rather cool.

Feature in Electronic Musician issue of march 09

OSCulator has been featured in the EMusician magazine.
You can read the article here.

Welcome to the new website!

Dear OSCulator users,

I have been working this last few months on a new design for the application and the website. As I said in the forum, I would like to make a better website, with a better look.

OSCulator 2.8 is also being released at the same time with a set of cool new features, including a totally new Wiimote driver.

I hope you will continue to enjoy using OSCulator, and I am looking forward to speaking with you all on the forum.