Kyma Symposium 2009 in Barcelona

The First International Kyma Symposium is scheduled for 8-10 October 2009 in the vibrant Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona during the annual LEM festival. The preliminary program includes master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, papers and demos presented by Kyma practitioners, and a program of concerts, live improvised silent film scores.

Symbolic Sound and Station 55 invite you to share your ideas, experiences and art with fellow practitioners at the First Kyma Symposium by attending the symposium and interacting with your fellow Kyma practitioners!

I will be there showing demo of OSCulator and Kyma with my friend Manu Iyengar who helps me on some new tricky developments. I’m looking forward to meet lots of people that helped me creating OSCulator, like Carla and Kurt (makers of Kyma), but also my friends Matteo Milani and Frederico Placidi who are running the U.S.O project ; they will bring a Lemur so we can have fun messing around with Kyma and OSCulator.

Here is the preliminary program for these exciting days:


Using a Yamaha DTXplorer drumkit with Processing

In his blog post, Ricki Gregersen describes how he used OSCulator and MIDI Pipe to use his DTxplorer drumkit to trigger some real-time animations done in Processing.

This is a fun post to read for those who want to know more about how to integrate different pieces of software together.

OSCulator 2.8.8

New Features:

  • New Event: Latched Combine. With this event, it is possible to combine two triggers into one. For example, it allows to fire a note only when another button is pressed.
  • New Event: Kyma Note. Like MIDI Note, but for use with Kyma.
  • Nyko Wireless Nunchuk can now be used as an extension for the Wiimote.
  • MIDI Program Changes.
  • Kyma Program Changes and special commands (Next, Previous, Random).
  • WiiFit Balance Board can now be used as a virtual X/Y surface.
  • New event “Pitch Bend” in the “MIDI Note” category.
  • Real-time graph showing the value of the monitored input. Press Space key to display and close the mini window or choose “Quick Look” in the Routings menu, there is also a new toolbar item. Quick Look windows positions are saved in the document.
  • Mouse events are now working on multiple monitors.
  • Added support for MIDI Notes input.
  • iPhone: Added support for TouchOSC “bank button” (grey button on the top of the display).
  • iPhone: Added auto-configuration support for MSA Remote.
  • Kyma: Can now be hot plugged and unplugged.


  • Tested under Mac OS X Snow Leopard and fixed some minor issues.
  • Wii Drums and Wii Guitar are now working properly.
  • Fixed a problem where the Wiimote slot configuration would not be remembered.
  • Fixed a crash condition when the Wiimote was connected with an extension.
  • Fixed some calibration problem with third party Wiimote extensions.
  • Added new templates for the Wii Drums and the Wii Guitar.
  • Fixed a bug where MIDI Note Velocity would not be updated correctly.
  • When a preset changes, mouse buttons, keys and notes are now released.
  • Fixed a crash condition when sending NaN double values with the Quick Look window displayed.
  • The Quick Look window is now displayed even when the application is running in the background.
  • Fixed some display problem in the Quick Look window.
  • Changed the behavior of the Duplicate command to forbid duplicates of duplicates.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause a crash when auto-configuring an OSC message. For example, this was potentially happening when connecting a Wiimote.
  • Added Channel Pressure and Pitch Bend to Kyma Extended Control Changes.
  • Fixed a problem with capping the input under special circumstances.
  • Fixed a Wiimote disconnection bug in 10.5.8.
  • Fixed a potential infinite feedback loop with MIDI Input.
  • Removed an erroneous message when cancelling “Perfect Pairing” extension installation.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the Quick Look window.
  • Fixed a crash when using MSA Remote “bank” buttons.
  • The Wiimote’s Raw IR mode has been slightly updated. Now, a size of 0 means that no dot is detected.
  • Added support for newest built Wiimotes.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash OSCulator when using a Wiimote and deleting an event.
  • Renamed “Global Velocity” to “Channel” Velocity in the “MIDI Note” category.
  • Fixed Wacom mouse locking that was broken in 2.8.2.
  • Enhanced “Default OSC Host” handling to work better with TouchOSC.
  • Stability and performance improvements, notably under heavy stress or with very large sets.
  • Updated Sample Patches with ready to use TouchOSC templates.
  • Wiimote: Fixed a bug in the Perfect Pairing extension affecting PowerPC users of Mac OS 10.4.
  • Wiimote: Enhanced battery updating and reading.
  • Wiimote: Workaround for the non-disconnection bug introduced by Mac OS X 10.5.7.
  • Wiimote: Updated the Perfect Pairing extension with new Wiimote and Balance Boards.
  • Wiimote: Drawer will now always open on the right hand side.
  • Wacom: Fixed a problem where mouse wouldn’t be captured again.
  • Fixed a problem with scalings and value capping.
  • Fixed a problem where OSCulator could open documents of the wrong type.
  • Kyma: Corrected a bug affecting users of PowerPC (G4 & G5) processors.
  • Kyma: Corrected a bug that could crash the application.
  • SynthPond is now compatible with OSCulator.
  • Fixed Wiimote continuous discovery that was not working on some computers.
  • Fixed automatic configuration of the Wiimote when using Kyma.
  • Changed main table headers so they are properly localized.
  • The Relative Mouse Move event has been enhanced.
  • Fixed Value menu updates.
  • Fixed a crash happening when using OSC input port with more than 4 digits.
  • Muted the debug messages the Kyma Flame driver was issuing.