Kyma sound workstation now supports Open Sound Control

My friends at Symbolic Sound have released a major update to the legendary Kyma sound workstation software. Quoting the press release:

Symbolic Sound Corporation has expanded the list of real-time controllers and software that can communicate with its Kyma sound design environment by adding support for Open Sound Control (OSC) to its Paca(rana) sound engine.

By connecting a Paca or Pacarana to the Ethernet, sound designers, musicians, and researchers using Kyma on Windows or Macintosh computers can establish bi-directional communication with OSC-enabled devices and software on the network to control parameters of Kyma sound synthesis and processing algorithms. Open Sound Control ( is an open communications protocol that delivers higher speeds, greater resolution, and more flexibility than is afforded by the standard MIDI protocol.

In addition, we worked in cooperation to bring support for MIDI over OSC to allow OSCulator to send raw MIDI data directly to the Pacarana on its Ethernet port. Carla and Kurt cleverly extended this protocol to allow bi-directional streams. OSCulator can also receive MIDI data coming from the Pacarana and re-transmit it on the MIDI bus of the computer.

For Paca and Pacarana users that means that you can send streams of MIDI events from your software directly to Kyma without need for a MIDI interface on your computer and without having to map each controller individually in OSCulator.

For everybody else, this means that you can send MIDI data over the network with simplicity.