The iPad and the evolution of controllers

TouchOSC on the iPhone was just a preview of things to come. Thanks to the bigger screen of the iPad, we begin to see much more usable, really nice looking interfaces. Folks on the Internet were wondering what the iPad would be for, but artists have a clear idea of what they can do with such a pretty device.

(here is a really nice looking video made by Ernesto Aello as known as VJ Pr4.)

Granted, Apple’s capacitive multitouch technology is not as musician friendly as Stantum’s (JazzMutant) resistive coating. In an interview with Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, Guillaume Largillier (JazzMutant co-founder) shares his thoughts of what makes a great controller, and gives us hints of what we may expect from the future.

But for me the future is already there. With something that is not too expensive, we can create, interact, and perform in a new way. The most spirited of us can even write their own programs for the iPad.

How to use the the iPad as a Controller for Ableton Live

From Ryan Noise:

How to use APPLE IPAD to control Ableton Live wireless using “OSC, OSCulator, Touchosc and Python script ”