Traktor & Wii DJ Hero Tutorial

The Poor DJ has made a very nice video tutorial showing how to control Traktor using a Wii DJ Hero controller. He has also kindly made available his setup files.

Download DJ Hero – Traktor OSCulator template (contains a oscd file for OSCulator and a tsi file for Traktor)

Happy New Year!

I would like to thank every users and fans that supported my work during this year.

I’ll be working hard during this new year in the hope to bring exciting and innovative stuff to everyone.


Live Visual Performance with Kinect

From the famous blog CreateDigitalMotion:

Spotted: Our friend Riley Harmon, experimenting with Kinect as a live performance tool in Pittsburgh, in what I expect will be the first of many such performances coming around the world.

Kinect Test @ Brillobox /// Lazercrunk from /// *** this.riley *** \ on Vimeo.

Konkreet Performer: A futuristic iOS Interface

What could be making music by taking full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest multi-touch technology? Conventional controls like faders, rotaries, buttons, are perhaps not the best way to bring a visual connection between the musician and the audience when on stage.

More than a studio controller, Konkreet Performer has been designed from the ground up to be a superior live performance instrument.

And it looks very promising!

In the Noisepages board, Shai Levy from hints us on the motivation that fueled the development of Konkreet Performer:

and then came the iPhone and the stream of new music apps grew by the day. we could see the potential of using this platform to be used as a controller, but were literally shocked to see faders and knobs being repeatedly cloned from the old physical interfaces down to the flat, yet very powerful domain of the tablets.

so we came up with Konkreet Performer! and because it’s not out yet, i’m really dying to tell you how it is to work with: we use OSCulator to map it to our DAW of choice. so far we’ve experimented mosly with Ableton Live and Kore2.

So here is a very innovative controller for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I must say I am very excited about this inspiring video, and I am looking forward to trying it on early 2011!

Musiker Magasinet

The Sweden’s number one musicians’ magazine, MM (short for Musikermagasinet) features a comprehensive article on the iPad and focuses on it’s music capabilities (november issue).

Using the iPad / iPhone for music creation, DAW control and interface design

A couple of nice readings:

On his blog, Sounds Defy Gravity, Michael Walsh wrote a feature about music creation using iOS devices.

In another article, he talks about the evolution of DJing using multi-touch controllers.

OSC and iPad on a USB connection

Making music with the iPad is great, and I am planning to use this amazing device on stage, but there is one last thing holding me.

The iPad’s WiFI connection has the reputation of not being the most reliable, and I just don’t want to believe if it is okay to use it on stage, I need to be sure. The lack of an Ethernet port is indeed a strong selling point for Jazz-Mutant’s Lemur.

Six month ago, a friend told me that he was using TouchOSC and his iPhone 3GS plugged into the computer using a USB cable. A nice wired connection that he had, but it was only after he subscripbed to a tethering plan, and it sucks to pay big bucks if you don’t need to browse the internet.

There’s a solution if you are ready to jailbreak your iPad. I don’t use my iPad for critical applications, so, in case things go wrong, and since it is a WiFI only model, I will be able to merely restore the backed-up applications and settings using iTunes.


iPad TouchOSC :: DJ / Producer Video Tutorial 4-Part Series

Tony Grund from Dubspot has made a 4 part video tutorial about TouchOSC and OSCulator. Not only the video is great, well explained and fun to watch, but also gives you all the resources you will need to get quickly started. It includes a sample Live set, TouchOSC layouts and preconfigured OSCulator documents.

Here is the first part of this tutorial. Highly recommended !

How to control TouchOSC LEDs with Ableton Live and OSCulator

Here is a tutorial I have written that shows how to control TouchOSC LEDs with Ableton Live. The tutorial is rather long, but hopefully covers with enough detail this topic.

The iPad and the evolution of controllers

TouchOSC on the iPhone was just a preview of things to come. Thanks to the bigger screen of the iPad, we begin to see much more usable, really nice looking interfaces. Folks on the Internet were wondering what the iPad would be for, but artists have a clear idea of what they can do with such a pretty device.

(here is a really nice looking video made by Ernesto Aello as known as VJ Pr4.)

Granted, Apple’s capacitive multitouch technology is not as musician friendly as Stantum’s (JazzMutant) resistive coating. In an interview with Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, Guillaume Largillier (JazzMutant co-founder) shares his thoughts of what makes a great controller, and gives us hints of what we may expect from the future.

But for me the future is already there. With something that is not too expensive, we can create, interact, and perform in a new way. The most spirited of us can even write their own programs for the iPad.