Tutoriel en français pour Traktor, TouchOSC et OSCulator

Comme ça fait plaisir de trouver un tutoriel bien fait et surtout en français, bravo !

Wiimote and MIDI tutorial

David Bergman gives a nice and detailed tutorial on how to use the Wiimote in OSCulator:

Traktor & Wii DJ Hero Tutorial

The Poor DJ has made a very nice video tutorial showing how to control Traktor using a Wii DJ Hero controller. He has also kindly made available his setup files.

Download DJ Hero – Traktor OSCulator template (contains a oscd file for OSCulator and a tsi file for Traktor)

OSC and iPad on a USB connection

Making music with the iPad is great, and I am planning to use this amazing device on stage, but there is one last thing holding me.

The iPad’s WiFI connection has the reputation of not being the most reliable, and I just don’t want to believe if it is okay to use it on stage, I need to be sure. The lack of an Ethernet port is indeed a strong selling point for Jazz-Mutant’s Lemur.

Six month ago, a friend told me that he was using TouchOSC and his iPhone 3GS plugged into the computer using a USB cable. A nice wired connection that he had, but it was only after he subscripbed to a tethering plan, and it sucks to pay big bucks if you don’t need to browse the internet.

There’s a solution if you are ready to jailbreak your iPad. I don’t use my iPad for critical applications, so, in case things go wrong, and since it is a WiFI only model, I will be able to merely restore the backed-up applications and settings using iTunes.


iPad TouchOSC :: DJ / Producer Video Tutorial 4-Part Series

Tony Grund from Dubspot has made a 4 part video tutorial about TouchOSC and OSCulator. Not only the video is great, well explained and fun to watch, but also gives you all the resources you will need to get quickly started. It includes a sample Live set, TouchOSC layouts and preconfigured OSCulator documents.

Here is the first part of this tutorial. Highly recommended !

How to control TouchOSC LEDs with Ableton Live and OSCulator

Here is a tutorial I have written that shows how to control TouchOSC LEDs with Ableton Live. The tutorial is rather long, but hopefully covers with enough detail this topic.

How to use the the iPad as a Controller for Ableton Live

From Ryan Noise:

How to use APPLE IPAD to control Ableton Live wireless using “OSC, OSCulator, Touchosc and Python script ”

Using OSCulator and TouchOSC with Logic Studio

Here’s a very well made tutorial made by Neo Ruiz on how to use OSCulator and TouchOSC with Logic Studio.
You can also watch this video in HD on his website. There are also a few useful notes in addition.

Pure Data and OSC

Rafael Hernandez, Director of the Multimedia Graduate Program at CSU East Bay has made a cool tutorial on how to use OSCulator with Pure Data.

He explains in detail how OSC messages can be sent from the DJ Hero Controller to PD, and how you can use the routeOSC object to easily extract the values from the OSC messages. (Note that in order to get the DJ Hero Controller working you will have to wait for the official release of OSCulator 2.9 as the current release candidate doesn’t have the support for this device yet.)

With some minor changes you can learn from this tutorial to route message from the Wiimote or other controllers as well.

Rafael also has a HUGE collection of quality tutorials on PD that is certainly worth having a look at.

TouchOSC DJ template for Ableton Live

Will Marshall, an advanced OSCulator user, has been kind enough to share a template he created with OSCulator 2.9 that (amongst other things), sends the track names to TouchOSC controls. To make this work, he created a custom layout in the TouchOSC editor, a set of OSCulator files, and a virtual control surface script for Live.

If you want to learn about how to use this template, or just get inspiration to create one yourself, watch the video on his blog (better viewed on vimeo, actually).

The files and quick instructions are on github.