Augmented Reality

Rishabh Rajan, an artist from Malaysia, has used Quartz composer to extract augmented reality controller values and send them via OSCulator to a Buffer Override plugin in Logic:

There is also this captivating Wiimote composition he made using the FM8 synthesizer:

Weapon of Choice

Alexander Schubert has written a piece for violin, sensors, live video and live electronics. OSCulator has been used to centralize the communications between all the components of this work.

The piece extends the possibilities of expression of a violin player in several ways by using sensor capturing of the player’s motions and a processed video representation of his movements. The goal is to create a new way of musical performance making the whole body of the player part of a complex musical instrument shifting a piece based entirely on live processing in a scenic and intuitively perceivable field.

You can watch this movie in higher resolution here.

Memo Atken shows a demo of MSA Remote, VDMX and Live playing together

My friend Memo is not only a great installation maker, but also a dedicated programmer. Unfortunately, his application MSA Remote, has been rejected for the second time.

MSA Remote is an iPhone application that has a clever design allow the user to map more than 200 faders and buttons using OSC. It also includes a TUIO compatible 2D touch surface with great feel and response.

Take a look at this crazy video to see MSA Remote in action:

MSA Remote + VDMX + Ableton Live from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

The astute viewer will notice a real-time graph from 00’05” to 00’32”. This is a new component of OSCulator 2.8.2 that I am about to release (along with oh so many bugfixes). More about it later.

I’m sure MSA Remote will finally get accepted by the App Store, and I can’t wait actually, because version 2.8.2 already has a fairly extensive support for this nifty little app …

Brian Park remix of Lines

The remix contest is now over, and we have a winner!

After a first cool mashup/remix/video uses TouchOSC and his iPod Touch on the song Lines by Neïmo.

This is not just another remix. Brian is performing live over the setup he has prepared in Live, bringing some life to effects which would have been otherwise statically recorded on the timeline. I also enjoyed the big ‘N’ drawn with Live’s clips slots.

You can watch his remix in action here:

Thanks Brian!!!


This one is rather cool.

Memo Akten’s installation at Glastonbury 2008

Memo has used OSCulator to convert OSC messages sent from a Processing program to MIDI notes. A camera tracks users’ movements in front of a virtual matrix that is used as a giant keyboard.

Glastonbury 2008 – Interactive Audio Visual PI ! from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Matteo Milani (U.S.O. project) plays the Wiimote as a Jedi Lightsaber

Matteo is a friend and the guy who made the Italian translation available. You can visit his website here.

Wiimote and Kyma

Carla Scaletti is playing sounds on the Kyma sound design workstation with a Wiimote.

This video can be found in a larger and much better quality here .

Maxi Bacon freakin’ show in Amsterdam

Reaktor Resonnators