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 =?==== Purchasing FAQ ====== =?==== Purchasing FAQ ======
 +??? Do you have a privacy policy?
 +!!! Yes, [[:​privacy-policy|it is here]].
-??? I would like to purchase ​Osculator, but I don't understand what I get for the value. ​ What is the difference if I spend $39 vs $19+??? How many licenses should ​I purchase? 
-!!! There is no differenceyou will receive exactly the same product and support The customer is free to choose ​the price, there is however a minimum amount. ​ Consider this a kind of fair trading.+!!! In order to unlock OSCulatora license must be installed. This installation process is called an "​activation"​. The quantity you specify during purchase corresponds ​to the number ​of activations you need.
 +Individuals often need to install OSCulator on two machines, e.g. a desktop and a laptop. For this reason, one additional activation is offered free of charge regardless of quantity during purchase. For instance, 1 licenses includes 2 activations,​ 1 paid +1 free. 5 licenses include 6 activations 5 paid +1 free. 20 Licenses includes 21 activations 20 paid +1 free.
-??? How is my privacy maintained+??? How do I choose between OSCulator 2 and OSCulator 3
-!!! The personal information ​you have disclosed on this website will never be used for commercial purposes without your own agreement. ​ As stated by French law, you have a right to access and modify ​your data stored on this website.+!!! Basically the most obvious choice is to purchase the latest version, that is, OSCulator 3. If you have specific compatibility requirements thoughthen you should choose the version corresponding ​to your macOS install.
 +  * OSCulator 2 is compatible with versions of macOS from 10.5 Leopard to 10.11 El Capitan.
 +  * OSCulator 3 is compatible with versions of macOS from 10.10 Yosemite and later.
-??? I have not received my license, why? +OSCulator 3 is the latest major version ​and [[https://​​purchase-v3|can be purchased here]]. Amongst many improvements,​ the main one was to add compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra. For a full description,​ [[https://​​forum/​threads/​2299-OSCulator-3-0-is-here!|please read the original announcement]].
-!!! When your payment ​is completed, ​the license is automatically generated ​and sent to you It should take no more than 10 minutes ​to reach your mailbox.+
-But it can happen that your email server considers the license ​email as spam and place it in the junk folderTherefore it is advised to search the license email in the junk folder first.+When you purchase OSCulator 3 today, you are eligible for a free OSCulator 2 license ​upon requestPlease contact [[mailto:​|customer support]] for more info.
-**If you have used an email address that is no longer valid or existing, you will never receive the confirmation emails.** ​ 
-Therefore, if you think your license is lost, please contact camille at osculator dot net and give your Paypal transaction number and email address you have used to complete the payment as a proof of purchase.+=?==== License Management FAQ ======
- +??? I just purchased OSCulator but have trouble installing ​the licenseplease help! 
-??? Paypal asked me to give my address, will receive something?​ +Please contact our customer support:
-!!! No, your address is only used for the details of the invoice. ​ In Francethis is a legal prerequisite. +
- +
- +
-??? Can I get a refund? +
-!!! The license is automatically generated, therefore it is not possible to do a refund. +
- +
-=?==== License Management FAQ ======+
 ??? I have lost my license, or my hard drive has crashed, can I get my license back? ??? I have lost my license, or my hard drive has crashed, can I get my license back?
-!!! Yes, just send an email to camille at osculator dot net, and don't forget to give the email address you have used to purchase the application so the license can be found. +!!! Sure, just send an email to, with details about your original purchase like the order numberIt looks like WIL70101-1234-12345.
- +
-??? When I double click the license filethe system says there is no program associated ​with this type of document… I can't register my copy! +
-!!! Please make sure you have downloaded and installed Osculator on your computer. +
- +
- +
-??? When I double click the license file, another program is launching... I can't register my copy! +
-!!! The license extension could have been corrupted by your email client. ​ The right file extension for the license should be "''​.osclicense''"​. ​ The problem happens when some email clients wrongly modify the attachment file extension. +
-To revert the file to the correct extension, follow these steps: +
-    * Unordered List ItemSelect the file in the Finder +
-    * Do "File->Get Info" or Command-I +
-    * In the section "Name & Extension",​ remove "''​.xml''",​ which should leave you with "''​.osclicense''"​ as the only extension. +
-    * Close the Info window, you can now double click the file and it will launch Osculator. +
- +
- +
-??? When installing the license, the application says it is corrupted. What can I do? +
-!!! First make sure the file is the right one.  Some customers mistake the PDF invoice for the license file.  You can recognize the license because it has a osclicense extension.+
-Also, some mail servers((some versions of Microsoft Exchange are known to be affected)) corrupt ​the content ​of the fileIf you think you fall in this case and you have no other solution for getting ​the file another wayplease contact camille at osculator dot net.+??? I try to activate my license but I get the following error message: "​Maximum number ​of activations has been reached"​. What is going wrong? 
 +!!! That means that the license has been activated too many timesIt happens sometimes when the hard drive is formatted without prior deactivating the license. Againjust send an email to [[mailto:​|]] and we'll quickly sort this problem for you.
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