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   * [[tutorial:​1:​start|Using TouchOSC with Ableton Live]]   * [[tutorial:​1:​start|Using TouchOSC with Ableton Live]]
 +  * Using TouchOSC with LogicPro
 +    * [[tutorial:​2:​a|Part 1: Controlling Volume Faders]]
 +    * [[tutorial:​2:​b|Part 2: Controlling Mute switches]]
 +    * [[tutorial:​2:​c|Part 3: Controlling Sends and plugins parameters]]
 +  * [[tutorial:​3|How to control TouchOSC LEDs with Ableton Live and OSCulator]]
 +  * [[tutorial:​4|How to synchronize Kyma Timeline with Logic Studio and the Pacarana]]
 +  * [[tutorial:​5|Setting-up the Wiimote as an interactive whiteboard]]
 +Other videos and tutorials are also featured [[https://​​category/​blog/​tutorials/​|on this website'​s blog]].
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