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Version 3.1.1
macOS 10.10 Yosemite to 10.12 Sierra
Version 2 owners, this is a paying upgrade. Please read this!
Version 2.13.3
macOS 10.5.8 Leopard to 10.11 El Capitan, Intel only

Release History

OSCulator 2.12.1

  • Made OSC service discovery more robust.
  • Fixed a bug when saving a file using Channel Velocity, Channel Pressure or Pitch Bend events.

OSCulator 2.12


  • Better Wiimote support: support latest Wiimotes and introduce a new way pairing.
  • Universal Mouse Trackpad: use any X/Y control as a mouse trackpad very easily.
  • TCP support: reliably send OSC messages with the TCP protocol.

More new features:

  • OSC Routing: new target L for local routing (routing messages to the same OSCulator window).
  • OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro (more information here).
  • Mountain Lion compatibility.
  • MIDI timecode (MTC) information as a OSC string: OSCulator now understands MIDI timecode messages, and generates a “HH:MM:SS.FF” string that can be sent to any OSC device.
  • User interface improvements, for example:
    • search messages in main window and in OSC Routings parameters pane.
    • change the currently active preset by pressing Command-Left-Arrow or Command-Right-Arrow.
    • create a new preset by pressing Command-Shift-N.
    • window positions are correctly remembered across application restarts.


  • The Perfect Pairing extension is now deprecated and is replaced with the new version of OSCulator’s kernel extension.
  • Fixed a problem where the Wiimote’s LED would not be properly set after a connection.
  • Fixed a long standing problem with OSC bundles scheduled in the future.
  • Fixed bugs where settings created from a new preset would not be correct.
  • Fixed problem with copy & paste.
  • Added a Mouse Trackpad example showing a simple XY surface using the new Mouse / Trackpad events.
  • Fixed a problem with some Wacom related messages not being sent.
  • Fixed a bug where it would not be possible to change the type of OSC routing argument tokens
  • Updated user’s manual.
  • Updated the Preferences window:
    • removed settings that are not needed anymore (Perfect Pairing, etc).
    • added a setting to control key repetition behavior.



  • More than a hundred bugs eradicated and small enhancements everywhere in the application.
  • Lion compatibility.
  • New user’s manual in PDF format accessible from the Help menu of the application.
  • The goal is to make this version the most stable and best documented to date.

New features:

  • Preset import from another file. Use the “import Preset from another file” menu item in the Presets menu, or hit Command-Option-I.
  • User Interface: added a menu item to quickly invert output min and output max scalings or selected message, hit Command-I.
  • Following a suggestion from Lenny (Somascape), the scaling of the input is dependent of the type of the value received: floats usually expect a normalized range [0.0 1.0], and integers, where applicable, are used in the native range of the Event (see first appendix of the new manual). For example, this is particularly useful when dealing with MIDI data from other OSC applications: When using a float number with a MIDI CC, the expected input range is normalized to [0.0 1.0], but when using an integer, the input range is [0 127].
  • User Interface: the activity monitor can now be trigger multiple selected messages at once.
  • User Interface: allow sorting of the messages using the Value column.
  • OSC: timestamps of OSC bundles are now honored.
  • MIDI: Channel Change event: change the channel value of another message or of every messages in the current preset.
  • Wiimote: Classic Controller Pro support (warning: joysticks are not precisely calibrated)
  • Wacom: qualified support for the Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless.
  • Samples: added two new examples for TouchOSC “Radio Toggle” and “Selective Result”.
  • Samples: added one example for ThumbJam
  • Samples: added a PureData example where 4 Wiimotes are used to increment or decrement program changes on 4 MIDI channels.
  • Open a PDF version of the new manual in the Help menu.


  • Compatibility: fixed two issues related to Mac OS X Lion:
  • fixed a problem when opening old files.
  • fixed a connection problem (incidently also makes Balance Board connection process more robust).
  • OSC: when routing a float number as a string, formatting is done with two decimals.
  • Engine: enhanced the /osculator/preset message so it can be used with more events, like a MIDI Note or a Key Combo.
  • Engine: Fix OSC pattern matching so multiple messages can be triggered from one message (e.g. sending the message “/1/fader*” will trigger /1/fader1, /1/fader2, etc)
  • MIDI: MIDI CC Toggle now honors output scaling values.
  • Keyboard: Keycode or Key Combo events now fail if the specified target application is not launched.
  • Wiimote: enhanced DJ Hero extension support. No more spurious messages from the crossfader button when the platter is turning.
  • Wiimote: fixed a problem where smoothing settings would not be properly restored after saving the document to a file.
  • User Interface: many fixes related to copy / paste
  • User Interface: fixed various problems in the OSC Editor.
  • User Interface: fixed a long standing problem when creating a new event from the value menu (eg. OSC Routing, Key Combo, AppleScripts)
  • User Interface: fixed a long standing bug when choosing an item in the Event Value menu.



  • Fixed a compatibility problem affecting Mac OS X 10.5.

OSCulator 2.10.7


  • Support the Perfect Pairing extension for newest Macintosh models.
  • Fixed a problem with the DJ Hero controller where values would be sent more than necessary.
  • Corrected the range of the DJ Hero crossfade button.
  • Added support for a few more Wiimotes.
  • For some Mouse events, allow sending the same value twice in a row.



  • Fixed a problem where OSCulator would stop input processing after changing the current preset.



  • Fixed a problem where saved documents would open with all events set to MIDI channel 1.

OSCulator 2.10.6


  • Motion Plus processing is now an option (disabled by default) to avoid compatibility problems with Wiimote Plus devices. To use the Motion Plus device, please check the “Motion Plus” button in the Wiimote Drawer. This change also allows Wiimote Plus devices to use extensions like DJ Hero, Drums, and Classic Controller.
  • Made it so that when a OSC Routing’s memo is changed in the parameters window, the string would be updated in the main window as well.
  • Fixed problems happening when editing AppleScript.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when sending a key combo on Snow Leopard.
  • Various reliability enhancements.
  • And also, in the Samples Library:
    • Added a set of OSC Routes for direct use with the application Luminair.
    • Added new samples for TouchOSC (XY and Rotary Reset, MacOS Volume control).

Read changes from previous revisions.

OSCulator 2.10.5


  • Fixed a problem on 10.6.5 where duplicated items would not show.
  • Tuned support for Wiimote Plus devices.

OSCulator 2.10.4

Changes in version 2.10.4

  • Correct a bug introduced in 2.10.3 where Wiimote IR would not work anymore.
  • Added limited support for some Wiimote Plus devices.