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  1. Cannot pair/connect WiiMote at all
  2. Connection
  3. Wiimote IR tracking help
  4. Using Osculator + Wiimote with MAX MSP to manipulate Audio Loops
  5. Can't pair my wiimote
  6. One two computers
  7. How to Connect Wii MotionPlus INSIDE Controller
  8. How can I create more HID channels?
  9. Non repeating values from Wii accelerometer???
  10. No Data from Balance Board
  11. wiimote IR basic preset
  12. Wiimote triggering notes from various software instruments
  13. Wiimotes sending over individual ports? problem with upgrade
  14. with wii, my mac doesn't sleep
  15. motion/angles/roll issue
  16. Is yaw usually less accurate than pitch?
  17. Using Osculator with Processing
  18. Wii MotionPlus/Isadora question...
  19. Motion Plus Errors
  20. Wiimote IR events: Can Osculator do it?
  21. Connection fails, yes I've been following instructions!!
  22. Pairing problem
  23. Wiimote connection troubleshooting
  24. Wiimote error code 118
  25. Several Wi Boards
  26. scaling the roll movement
  27. Nunchuk problems
  28. Wii Balance Board and Ableton Live Mapping
  29. Scale wiimote roll angles to set midi notes
  30. Can't choose joysticks?
  31. Wiimote and OSCulator causes bluetooth to say give up!
  32. Problem with Midi CC Volume and Panning Automation
  33. 1 year long downhill slope for wii mote support
  34. Wii Remote plus connection problems
  35. Music w/ Wiimote- Osculator- MAX MSP- Kontakt
  36. Reset MotionPlus calibration?
  37. Wiimote is outputting incorrect keys
  38. Changing Vibration Parameters On WiiMote
  39. No data received from Nunchuk
  40. Wii mote drums thoughts
  41. Using Wii Remote and Notion 4 - Help please! :)
  42. balance board values
  43. Detecting yaw direction
  44. How do I know IR on the Wiimote works?
  45. Read and control WiiMote Flash
  46. Connecting Wii Rock Band Drums Via USB dongle
  47. Wii Balance Board
  48. Multiple Message / Event type setup
  49. Trouble connecting 8 devices at once. (4x MotionPlus, 4x Balance Boards)
  50. Can't connect the Wiimote to computer.
  51. drum roll on gh drum kit still registering as one long note
  52. balance board Tare
  53. Steering Wheel sensor?
  54. Wiimote Ableton mapping
  55. wii remote direction in Max 6
  56. Toggle vs Momentary
  57. Wiimote - button down and button up controlling volume fader in Ableton
  58. Raw IR: Osculator sending too many OSC messages?
  59. osculator to connect balance board to scratch possible?
  60. Sticky Enable Combined? (Guitar Hero strumming)
  61. Enable a Wiimote with another one
  62. Pitch/Roll/Yaw - Yaw and roll giving out very similar data?
  63. Bank Select & Program Change with Wiimote
  64. problems with Max4Live seeing data
  65. Using Wiimote and OSCulator to Control Ableton Parameters
  66. Predefined configurations for new Wiimotes?
  67. New user with a few questions
  68. Pressure center + Wii Balance Board + Mac osx El Capitan
  69. wii remote not pairing in Mavericks
  70. is Wii Remote Rock Candy
  71. Wii Remote Yaw Calibration
  72. Mapping Macbook Volume Controls to Wiimote
  73. Balance Board MIDI not sending
  74. Osculator 3.0 & Wiimote
  75. OSCulator 3.0 for whiteboard: grouped calibration?
  76. Getting button press/release info from Wiimote into Chuck
  77. Acceleration data overwhleming? (using OSCulator with Chuck)
  78. OSCulater 3 wiimote whiteboard
  79. presets library?
  80. Infrared LEDs tracking
  81. remotely turn on wiimote
  82. Osculator 2.13.3 & PD & OSX El Capitan Problem
  83. WiiMote won't connect Sierra 10.12
  84. Can't see wiimote address or any message after connected
  85. Oscilador 3 whiteboard calibration
  86. Can the wiimote do 360 degrees yet ?
  87. Wiimotes connection problems osc3.1.1+high sierra
  88. modifying existing max 7 patch with wiimote
  89. Nyko Guitar
  90. Where are the Nyko Wireless Nunchucks?