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  1. MIDI Note w/ Params
  2. Scheduling events in the future
  3. Buying Osculator
  4. Using OSCulator as a non-admin
  5. Automatic Midi CC Setting
  6. pause and changing osc routing
  7. Converting files to old format?
  8. Transfer License from one computer to another
  9. OSCulator running out of Value numbers
  10. osculator as midi translator
  11. Send different value to one midi CC
  12. Yamaha 01v96 EQ Question
  13. Osculator + Processing + TUIO || (help!)
  14. Lost visual feedback from Traktor
  15. using two macs with the osculator
  16. OSCulator with Pro Tools 9
  17. Wildcards in OSCulator
  18. Odd behaviour of fader MIDI mapping 0-127
  19. A problem with an Osculator Template!! Please help me!
  20. IPad Not Routing Correctly
  21. Embedding Midi?
  22. Mouse move settings
  23. touch osc xy pad help
  24. host port
  25. Osculator with Flash / AS3?
  26. Using a MIDI Note to Send Mouse pointer to a specific coordinate on the screen.
  27. How to send direction dependant messages with an endless encoder?
  28. Traktor modifiers or enable in osculator
  29. Sending track labels and Project Position to TouchOSC from my DAW
  30. Osculator as Iannix Translator?
  31. Is this two independant messages, or one message with two arguments?
  32. Can't import template into OSCulator - greyed out. What to do?
  33. touble with routing midi notes to kyma/paca
  34. 9-pin -> USB-adapter as a HID on a Mac
  35. midi clock via osculator
  36. 01v96 midi CC
  37. HID Output to a PC
  38. Testing tocuhosc + Osculator with Logic
  39. connect PICAXE?
  40. Noteoff/Z for keycodes/shortcuts?
  41. Note On/ Note Off
  42. how to convert absolute CC to relative CC?
  43. Touch OSC, Osculator not working with Serato
  44. OSCultator + VLC
  45. Purchase Options
  46. Osculator Note Pitch Bend Output
  47. Reason 5 Mackie Control Pan Problem
  48. Reactivision Ableton Live and Processing
  49. Osculator to Maya
  50. Padkontrol & traktor
  51. Hardware question
  52. Bi-directional comm with reason
  53. Easier way to assign values??
  54. Having Trouble Getting Ableton to Talk to Osculator
  55. Asistencia Configuracion de OSCULATOR en Espanol
  56. Set address dynamically with message args
  57. Assign based on pattern, is this possible?
  58. Keystroke to midi or OSC
  59. Receiving keystrokes in unity
  60. SDK to wrap OSCUlator Server
  61. Should I buy Osculator? Why ?
  62. possibly staggered messages in new update?
  63. Osculator with Resolume (Arena/Avenue) - anyone know how to get it to work?
  64. multiple midi CC notes with one input?
  65. Rerouting MIDI messages to APC40 LEDs
  66. Regular MIDI knob to keyboard combo
  67. Love Your Product, But I need Help..Please! MIDI LOST
  68. Problem with Toggle (see description)
  69. LoopSpeed Modulation (Ableton + Osculator)
  70. Midi to OSC?
  71. Resolume Arena + Ocsculator in midi
  72. HELP - Intermittent Failure
  73. Importing Edited Touchosc document into Osculator
  74. New OSCulator version and QuicKeys problem
  75. Variables in combination with MIDI
  76. Resolume/Madrix Controller - MAC/PC control with one layout on iPad.
  77. how to make a simple toggle led using only touchosc and osculator?
  78. Packed Parameters - i.e., Masked MIDI CC Messages
  79. kinect, synapse & osculator
  80. Sending Consecutive Messages
  81. Full kyma to osculator manual ?
  82. OSC "dictionary" of Ableton Live
  83. Getting isolated MIDI back from Logic
  84. OSC and PD
  85. sending a OSC message from an applescript
  86. Osculator and Screensets
  87. Prevent the host from changing
  88. usb mouse capture
  89. Creating Midi out to light LEDS
  90. Presets oddness
  91. Host name for wifi routing
  92. midi note w/ params - scaling output to integer values
  93. Help! I bought osculator and must have given the wrong email info.
  94. connect two Macbooks with a simple OSC programme (C#), Osculator and Logic via cable?
  95. newbie question about tcp/udp ip protocol
  96. Linking Local to Local
  97. Osculator not responding (or receiving message) // message don't 'pop light'
  98. Temporary profile change while button down? (i.e. Shift mode)
  99. Runaway keypresses
  100. MIDI Note - note off with 127 value prevents Live toggles from working
  101. How to control 2 programs (Logic & Totalmix) with OSC?
  102. Wii board pressure trigger
  103. 2 way communication
  104. I can'r get any sound out of my ipad!!??!
  105. TouchOSC -ableton live arm track
  106. HID problem after 2.12 update
  107. Issue with traktor
  108. osculator not seeing my iphone!
  109. Reaktor OSCulator templates
  110. how to assign play/stop and record in OSCulator connected to LOGIC
  111. Need help osculator won't detect my touch osc custom templates!
  112. connect with logic
  113. Can a button change the CC of another button?
  114. no peer extention with M lion and Version 2.12.2 (20120719)
  115. adding/not adding a value to msg
  116. The "Duplicate" Message Feature
  117. MIDI Clock Commands to OSC
  118. A few are working, but a few are not ...
  119. Using TCP instead of UCP?
  120. Sending out of OSC *Noob*
  121. New to Osculator, help with wacom midi assignment
  122. Multi-unit OSC routing
  123. New document already filled
  124. Controlling multiple Logic Pro audio/midi track parameters in real time?
  125. Why would I only be able to select a certain Event type?
  126. Two Buttons at once to change the note
  127. So... what now?
  128. cannot find folder for OSCulator .bundle for Logic 9
  129. I need help with my Brain Waves!!!!
  130. Osculator / Reactivision HELP!
  131. Kyma Control for Ipad with Capybara
  132. Routing to Max MSP?
  133. Bug w/ Blobs –*OSC Error 9911
  134. Sending OSC Messages on Track Selection
  135. Sedning Midi over OSC on a Network
  136. Receiving Program Change Messages
  137. No pairing with OSC and And TouchOSC
  138. Midi increments from Max to Osculator
  139. M8 + Kinect + Synapse + OSCulator (MIDI CC Toggle)
  140. 01v96v2 cabling
  141. Ardour to OSCulator Issues
  142. fader with dimmer function
  143. FM 8 Osculator
  144. ableton live samples
  145. modul8 + osculator
  146. extract clip position info from liveosc/ableton
  147. Galaxy Note + TouchOSC + Mixxx (open source DJ prog) + Windows
  148. Sync faders
  149. No MIDI feedback in Ableton Live
  150. LiveOSC, Lemur, Osculator and Clip Names
  151. Protools
  152. How to intercept and edit Note offs?
  153. Resolume + osculator + apc40 led
  154. Multipush confusion
  155. HID drop-down menu not working
  156. Kontrol X1 LED Feedback
  157. PC user needs screenshot of Osculator mapping
  158. Arduino board and OSCulator
  159. Connect OSCulator back to Wii U
  160. Velocity as Integer
  161. Sysex
  162. Kyma, Kincet, OSCulator.
  163. Multiple Messages with Lemur Custom Button
  164. Pausing in OSCulator between events
  165. slipOSC to send data to teensy
  166. Building trasport controls for logic pro with Lemur on iPad....
  167. Radio buttons for grid control surfaces (Launchpad etc.)
  168. choosing event type MIDI
  169. Digital Performer Layout
  170. Playing Midi Notes in Ableton from OSCulator
  171. Animate OSC value over time
  172. Editing "Wii guitar example"..?
  173. MIDI Velocity to OSC Label
  174. Behringer BCF2000 w/motorised Faders through OSCulator?
  175. Does OSCulator break MIDI connection after no activity for 1 minute?
  176. Monome users + resolume users
  177. OSCulator with Madcatz Rock Band 3 keytar?
  178. Block overwriting of targets in OSC Routing...
  179. OSC Port Conflict
  180. two osculator midi inputs? possible?
  181. pitch bending, or possibly changing notes Q
  182. Problems with Midi CC and Output Min/Max
  183. Lost license! Any way of getting it back?
  184. PAUSE by OSC Message
  185. Help Setup TouchOSC Encoder to Emulate Digi ICON Jog Wheel for ProTools.
  186. Osculator to use to measure body posturography
  187. TI Bluetooth SensorTag
  188. Empty String detection
  189. Ableton Live assign osc parameters by number
  190. rounding option?
  191. Guitar Hero Drums - missing notes while performing rolls and rapid hitting
  192. OSC to TCP
  193. From MIDI keyboard to OSC on network
  194. Wait or Delay Time
  195. Duplicate osc message to two programs
  196. Help with CMD, ALT, CTRL
  197. Issue: had to erase my MacBook Pro HD; lost OSCulator license
  198. MIDI Note w/ Params and Note on/off
  199. Mainstage to Cuemix via OSC
  200. Cubase and Osculator - selecting specific tracks
  201. VE Pro 5 with OSC Touch and Osculator
  202. Faderport
  203. Correct way to send data to Osculator?
  204. Put address at the arguments
  205. How to use OSCulator
  206. Use command change number in OSC message.
  207. osculator on multiple computers
  208. A bit confused about Duplicate in regards to OSC
  209. Midi CC problems
  210. Find this osculator version to map midi note to o/c
  211. Routing OSC to local Applications
  212. Best video game Drum Set?
  213. not sending midi channel number other then 1
  214. Cannot change event type
  215. OSCulator keeps pressing Option/alt key!
  216. OSCulator 2.13.2 beta for OS X Yosemite
  217. Using Logic/Guitar controller/Musiclab.
  218. osc translater
  219. MIDI fighter 3d and Kyma
  220. neewbee questions
  221. port selection doesn't get saved?
  222. Ableton/ Touchosc/ osculator ?
  223. APC20 and OSCulator not recognizing midi notes
  224. Slider CC to Note Range? Possible with Osculator?
  225. "Rountering Stopped. internal error, please contact support"
  226. Live, Quartz Composer, TouchOSC - routing query
  227. Yosemite + JackOSX = crashing osculator?
  228. Osculator to emulate Mackie Control (Metric Halo Console)
  229. Default target not working?
  230. Removing OSCulator HID devices
  231. OSCulator restore purchased license file?
  232. How many presets can OSCulator handle?
  233. OSCulator not receiving OSC but other clients are
  234. can osculator determine which program to target with same "OSC button" ???
  235. Mackie MCU and Motu 1248
  236. CueMix Control with OSC
  237. Arduino Due & OSCulator => update frequency question
  238. problem with key commands :(
  239. Novation Launchpad and MLR max patches
  241. Quartz, qcOSC and FaceOSC
  242. What do these OSC messages do?
  243. MIDI to keystroke
  244. Automatic target discovery problems
  245. Osculator OSC detection
  246. OSC startup error message? Can't set <<class prcs>> system events to false?
  247. Osculator crash on startup when Space Navigator is installed on OSx 10.10.3
  248. Pre-Super Newbie: Kyma and OSC only
  249. Problem with split and toggles
  250. Osculator Red message node?