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  1. Variables in the address
  2. OSCulator not playing nice with 10.11pb
  3. TouchOSC label to script
  4. Midi PC to Multiple OSC route
  5. OSCulator as a converter for OSC messages with different leading page numbers?
  6. Need TouchOSC toggle to send same command on 0 & 1
  7. Kinect and Synapse, MIDI Notes
  8. Osculator not parsing out Bundles correctly.....?
  9. Kyma -> OSCulator -> QLC+
  10. Osculator with a Hard Wired iPad Running Lemur
  11. OS El Capitan problem
  12. Stop all routing?
  13. MIDI stops working with more then 4 OSCu patches
  14. Quick Look issues not working for me in El Capitan
  15. Lemur to Osculator to Digital Performer 9
  16. quickeys
  17. vanilla qwerty layout?
  18. convert incoming float to integer
  19. I would like to play a vst instrument by Kinect
  20. Mapping Macbook Volume Controls to Wiimote
  21. Event types not showing
  22. Midi Feedback from Mainstage
  23. Midi Controller (K2) to OSC
  24. ETC eos OSC control from an Akai LPD8
  25. NI Kontakt script MIDI output to Osculator
  26. 700 Hz tone
  27. why I kep loosing OSC Target
  28. OSC message not being picked up in Ableton. Is my message correct?
  29. Controlling 2 computers to do the same tasks from 1 apple device
  30. newbie with a Behringer XR18
  31. Polyphonic note parameters (Ableton/UnrealEngine)
  32. MIDI coming in on all channels
  33. Osculator lost Target App
  34. A few general questions
  35. OSCulator no longer receiving messages from Lemur
  36. Rename OSC address and the names of the arguements
  37. Multiple Outputs / keeping patches isolated?
  38. ReActivating Old Purchase?
  39. Iannix > Osculator > Isadora
  40. macOS Sierra Beta
  41. Sending pitch in midi note
  42. Dealing with chords/bundles?
  43. OSCulator switch pages on iPad when switching applications on Mac OS
  44. OSCulator 3.0 is here!
  45. Download link for version 2.13.3?
  46. Problem Detected - The integrety of this copy of OSCulator has been compromised
  47. Will 3.X really cost me 300+ euros?
  48. Launching Applications using Key Combos & Quicksilver
  49. Registration
  50. OSCulator 3 Default Launch Mapping
  51. Argument toggle question
  52. Sending OSC message from Sysex Input
  53. TouchOSC, OSCulator & Yamaha 01V96
  54. Read a value in array at specific index
  55. Duplicate OSC message
  56. Midi Note Send with Velocity Parameters?
  57. Meyer Sound - MIDI to OSC Command
  58. Sysex MIDI Message Crash
  59. problem with sending (multiple) sysex messages
  60. Sending X, Y, Z Values to PD
  61. How to connect Kyma with drawing program (e.g., PhotoShop or PaintX)
  62. Trouble with Ableton
  63. OSCulator, BCF2000 and CueMix, laggy
  64. Ableton > Osculator...Clip Status?
  65. Issu mapping metronone in Ableton
  66. macOS Sierra - Keycode and Key Combos not working
  67. Upgrading To V3 License
  68. Magic Trackpad
  69. How to create 1 midi output making a calculation with output 2 midi inputs?
  70. Windows alternative to OSCulator
  71. Osculator on one computer with multiple log-ins.
  72. Rock band 4 ps4 drum kit as midi controller
  73. Issues with Track Focus in Logic Pro X
  74. Can we post animated gifs on the forum?
  75. OSC Arguments based on direction of knob turn?
  76. 2 outpus with the same argument
  77. OSCulator Not Responding After setting Out min/max
  78. seeing more decimal precision when monitoring incoming OSC floats?
  79. QuicKeys to trigger event in Osculator
  80. Back-mapping/interpolating data with an Allen Heath dLive??
  81. Can you send regularly repeated ping messages?
  82. Red Flagged Targets
  83. Can't open .osc3 or .oscd files at all
  84. Channels not saving and changing?
  85. BPM/Ms value conversion?
  86. MOTU AVB - MIDI to OSC Command
  87. Ignore note off from keyboards?
  88. Trying to create an "if statement" - translating string into numeric value
  89. Only Display Selected Messages
  90. remote switch ipad apps
  91. MIDI CC messages?
  92. Cuemix and OSCulator not working
  93. different function depends on button hold duration?
  94. »magic mouse« – my pointer moves to the left by ghost hand
  95. Control "Virtual Group" fader in Meyer Cuestation with TouchOSC and OSCulator
  96. OSC message for "Add [plugin name] to the insert rack of the selected track"
  97. High Sierra Not Receiving Key Combos
  98. Lemur and X32 bi-directional OSC communication using OSCulator
  99. Osculator dropped default IP and target randomly
  100. XTouch i- OSCulator - atemOSC - ATEM Software Control - LED Toggle
  101. I discovered a bug? Feature?
  102. Trigger OSC messages off of specific velocities
  103. 3.1.2: poss Note Off bug?
  104. Is there a more efficient way to do this?
  105. Xkeys Seen by Osculator?
  106. Problems With CC Events From Lemur
  107. Assigning TouchOSC Labels based on Channel Name that Fader is Mapped to
  108. Issues getting Messages to trigger once "received,"
  109. Osculator Not Triggering Key-Combo
  110. Escape Key number
  111. Osculator / Bars-Beats / LogicPad / Digital Performer / TouchOSC
  112. Updated to v3 and a few features are missing?
  113. Pro Tools Surround Panner
  114. converting MIDI data to OSC data
  115. Rewrite OSC-Address Using parts of the path as argument
  116. Apple IR Remote to Osculator midi Ableton Live
  117. A Way To Edit A Message?
  118. How to set Osculator to enable LEDs of Launchcontrol MIDI controller.
  119. OSC messages to TCP commands over network.
  120. applescript not working
  121. Midi CC range to 0-255 range
  122. Need help with Digital Performer
  123. keycode list?
  124. Midi to OSC for Digico Control
  125. TouchOSC and Ableton Live-matching scene labels from Ableton
  126. How to receive Mocute 032 bluetooth mini joystick in OSCulator ??
  127. Osculator 3.2 and macOS Mojave Not Getting Along?
  128. Osculator 3.2.1 and macOS High Sierra Not Getting Along?
  129. Trying to send Integer argument to x32. Keep getting i = 0
  130. Help please: Behringer X-Touch Mini, atemOSC, OSCulator, and BMD switcher
  131. OSCulator Key Combo Not Triggering Keyboard Maestro
  132. Bug? Notepad doesn't reopen.
  133. OSCulator, Behringer X32 and Apple Logic Pro X
  134. Bug? Anybody using Ableton noticed CC value disappear in midi mapping?
  135. Problems with WOLDE easypad 12 slider SysEx messages
  136. Osculator with X32 mixer
  137. multiple osc messages on one midi note
  138. Osculator crashing constantly
  139. Copy and paste
  140. Problem with keycodes in v3.3.0?
  141. Using JSON array values as conditions in OSC mappings?
  142. Korg NanoKey2 event mapping issues
  143. Velocity Newbie
  144. Keyboard trigger issue
  145. Receiving MultiCast OSC messages
  146. Animata and OSCulator
  147. (bug?) Some MIDI channel not showing up
  148. How modify SysEx string?
  149. Taking an OSC Message and sending it "on again"
  150. Adding or Subtracting Variables
  151. Logic Pro X, Midas M32 and OSculator