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  1. Monone users (??!)
  2. Osculator and Logic Studio
  3. Flip X/Y pad
  4. Please separate out Note On and Off.
  5. CC list suggestion - add GM names
  6. What about other joysticks?
  7. x y value splitting
  8. midi notes with parameters?
  9. Clock-Midi/OSC
  10. Max 5 patch for Osculator
  11. OSC & Quartz Composer
  12. scaling values?
  13. system startup error
  14. PIR Sensor with Osculator
  15. trashing virtual HID devices?
  16. Pricing is off
  17. Keynote control?
  18. SN - Logic Pro - OSCulator must be front running app?
  19. Problems with trackmate and dropped signal
  20. Some basic questions
  21. License and multiple computers
  22. MIDI to OSC?
  23. Midi controller values?
  24. Re-Writing OSC Message for NetLabs MediaControl
  25. Space Navigator. Absolute values to relative?
  26. Midi Program Changes
  27. newbie - generall ???
  28. multiple button press
  29. Preset access
  30. Possible to save output of "Quick View" windows?
  31. MIDI Clock, Start/Stop/Continue sync between Live and Numerology2
  32. Serial device (i.e. Arduino) support
  33. one question
  34. Noob, Question about Chords
  35. Traktor3 clock thru OSCulator into Quartz Composer
  36. Changing output in a timeline
  37. Change treshhold of a Midi Control Change command
  38. osculator doesn't receive messages from my linux box
  39. Unwanted Keycode modifier sent
  40. Grayed out in Max/Msp
  41. Controlling Kyma via Max/Msp
  42. Using Ranges of OSC vales to map to ranges of cc values
  43. Quartz Composer Values drop to Zero
  44. Wii + Osculator + Processing communication
  45. Feature Request : LFO
  46. no midi input?
  47. Regulating midi data with wii
  48. Osculator with Garage Band
  49. Osculator like MackieControl for Motu Cuemix
  50. monome led lights
  51. Can't add Osculator to Automator workflow
  52. OSCulator + Space Navigator + osX10.6 not working
  53. OSCulator and multiple spacenavigator
  54. OSCulator and SOLO Mode
  55. scaling midi output
  56. Basic set up - Host and Port
  57. propellerhead record/ scaling and osculator HELP
  58. Delete me
  59. Panning in Pro Tools
  60. live8 computer to vdmx computer over osc with osculator?
  61. beginners guide to OSCulator programming?
  62. MIDI IN from DAW to multiple OSC Targets
  63. super collider + osculator
  64. Questions for Reaktor users?? Any out there?
  65. Is it possible to program 'Record' command on Logic Pro
  66. Strange MIDI input problem
  67. CC Modwheel Control via OSCulator
  68. Access 'Default'/non-IP host from user defined parameters
  69. configure traktor duo
  70. Dual Wiimote > Ableton Live 6 on a PowerBook G4
  71. Setting multiple values incrementally
  72. Note On/Off as the same note twice?
  73. Duplicate
  74. How long can I use the demo version?
  75. port number issue
  76. Spacenavigator input issue
  77. Connect to Gimp
  78. Sixtyforce
  79. How to control an Yamaha DM1000 thru Oscultor an OSCTouch?
  80. Bi-directional not working in Ableton Live
  81. Midi CC out values
  83. OSCulator Patch wont open properly
  84. Key combo problem
  85. Sending Midi CC-Relative Messages from Rotary Control
  86. OSC Problems
  87. SpaceNavigator issue with Osculator versions greater than 2.5.6
  88. Midi CC and sub bank?
  89. Just a suggestion
  90. License activation problem
  91. Default Host OSC Routing
  92. sending osc from c++
  93. Osculator stability, and licence questions
  94. Video playing with osculator.
  95. Bad lag between Wiimote+OSC and GarageBand, please help!
  96. Problem with iPhone using Osculator software
  97. Setting mulitple values at once/ range of values
  98. Launchpad issue
  99. RESOLUME?????????????????????
  100. Want to send MIDI Note with Velocity of 127
  101. Surface feedback in Logic
  102. Rewrite Address
  103. Note Transpose with TouchOSC
  104. How to disable messages?
  105. ableton live > Osculator > Flosc
  106. Sonic Gesture - can't get OSCulator midi pitch output to work properly
  107. Logic Feedback config
  108. Best way to send Midi strings rather than CC
  109. Logic Pro - Share Controller Assignments
  110. duplicate pages/routing
  111. MIDI NRPN and Sysex
  112. Incremental buttons in Ableton
  113. Can't get a push button to send Midi CC with specific value
  114. Delay on Keystrokes / Key Combos
  115. "auto mapping"
  116. Feeding one MIDI Out to multiple OSC Routes
  117. Is there way to export OSCulator Mapping data?
  118. Customizeable columns?
  119. 14 Bit MIDI
  120. To the foot wear gloves - interesting five finger shoes and to wear Christian L
  121. Aftertouch ('timbre'?) data not arriving at Live
  122. logic midi bandwidth limitation?
  123. Yamaha 10v mixer send fader position MIDI data on program change send?
  124. One Fader with Two Presets to control 2 Faders
  125. Multiple Servers for MAckie Control Emulation
  126. configure on mac use on windows?
  127. Idea: control by amplitude?
  128. need help; osculater not recieving signal from itouch
  129. cant get ableton to sync with touch osc.
  130. Iphone + Osculator + Traktor Pro
  131. xbox rockband... mac?
  132. touch OSC - How to assign a Led to a midi clock?
  133. powerbook g4 not intel based
  134. Quick Look Toggle
  135. Quick Look Disappears
  136. License informations
  137. Bluetooth extender
  138. Send "total recall" from logic to TouchOSC/Ipad
  139. Tightening Latency between Ipad, Osculator and Ableton?
  140. Led + Presets
  141. TouchOSC and Kyma Program Changes
  142. Controlling Reason Devices
  143. Sendin files over the net.
  144. Reason 4 Setup Help!
  145. OSCulator with Vm2
  146. Osculator and Torq
  147. OSCulator for OSX 10.3.9? Good money paid
  148. Need 4 digit Key Sequences in OSCulator
  149. Same Faders on a page showing different values
  150. Ableton Live to Osculator to a Standalone VST app?
  151. Wii motion+
  152. APC40 with OSCulator and Ableton Live (chromatic MIDI notes)
  153. OSCulator Duplicate doesn't work
  154. TOuchOSC, osculator-everything works accept for MIDI notes...help?
  155. trouble switching files and iPads in the new version of OSCulator
  156. no .tsi file
  157. Sending Midi clock to a specific OSC address
  158. Torq not sending anything to OSCulator?
  159. Ableton 8 note repeat
  160. Handling variables
  161. Playstation controller
  162. Recording Light tutorial
  163. Requesting user's opinion on documentation!
  164. static midi messages?
  165. Errors when using the Max 5 sample patch
  166. Sending MIDI CC
  167. Sending specific MIDI CC value?
  168. OSCulsator ignoring messages unless parameters changes
  169. Add Layout TouchOSC
  170. scrolling with fader or rotary
  171. osc bridge
  172. reactivision fiducial assignation
  173. Tracktor Scratch Pro?
  174. Resending the MIDI Clock manually
  175. "Integrity of this copy of OSCulator has been compromised..."
  176. OSCulator and midi out
  177. Alternating notes / alternating MIDI channels
  178. Repeat
  179. How to enter "command-tab" as an Osculator key combo in OS X?
  180. Rewriting labels in TouchOSC
  181. OSC commands in Logic
  182. sync kyma and live
  183. Lego NXT as controller
  184. Osculator gateway?
  185. Using Soundtrack Pro with OSCulator?
  186. Buying a license using a friend's Paypal account
  187. osculator and kinect?
  188. 2.10.2 changes Osc Arugemnts to NULL
  189. Show preset name on touchosc Value?
  190. Midi signal
  191. Touch OSC to Oscillator to Live question
  192. Spliting a fader to sent fix cc values
  193. Generating a osculator file using TouchOSC Editor
  194. Osculator with cinema 4d and camera grip tools
  195. dynamic scaling min/max?
  196. Auto update broken?
  197. Multi-message individual messages dissapears
  198. Gamepad to Midi on Mac OS X
  199. problem to keep push button highlighted on iPhone with TochOSC an OSCulator / Live 7
  200. Route to First of Many Duplicates
  201. Osculator and XY control in Ableton Live
  202. Paypal email?
  203. Strange connection activity
  204. How to see BPM value on my iPhone?
  205. Reporting events with greater precision than console log
  206. MIDI Clock Sync-ing between two computers
  207. Dynamic labels from Mackie control faders
  208. Dynamically change the destination of a fader
  209. Mackie control emulation
  210. Midi notes on & off
  211. Help with a Key Combo
  212. File made with version will not open on version
  213. Paying by debit card problems
  214. Connect OSCulator to Isadora
  215. Help with OSCulator Meta events
  216. Where is this icon stored?
  217. Multiple Devices (i.e. 2 X iphone, 1x iPad) with Osculator
  218. Processing to Osculator Key Combos
  219. Parsing arguments in OSC Route Editor, sending to SuperCollider
  220. OSC routing / openFrameworks app
  221. Understanding the Voice / Index Parameter
  222. get live scene names displayed
  223. Sending Sysex messages from Osculator to digital console
  224. Play Live clips with LiveOSC
  225. Clear all previous presets?
  226. EJECT shortcut not in Value parameters?????
  227. LS9 Scene Recall Help
  228. OSCulator doesn't recognize iPad Touch Control OSCulator v2.1
  229. Monome to Quartz Composer with OSCulator?
  230. Resetting OSC Values
  231. how to lock the fadres on OSC
  232. repeated OSC values not recognized?
  233. connection problem
  234. two ipads
  235. Data Transfer From a digital Audio Console Via midi to OSCulator + TouchOSC
  236. Problem Sending BPM to CoGe VJ
  237. Help: Simple Ableton Live patch: from 1 computer to another computer (both with Live)
  238. osculator for windows
  239. ableton live not receiving midi
  240. Can't get OSC to Midi. Help?
  241. osculator and resolume avenue
  242. Syncing two Osculator programs
  243. Switching a page when press a push button?
  244. In. min/In. max/Cap/Out. min/Out. max
  245. oscukator is interfering with my xbox 360 controller.....
  246. How I can adjust the button shift in the program scratch live?
  247. Osculator Sticking when Launched
  248. 2 push buttons - same MIDI note - different velocities: possible???
  249. Convert OSC data (e.g. float to string)
  250. Osculator Triggering RS232 Strings