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07-26-2010, 01:48 PM
I am trying to control a software mixer in my Metric Halo MIO. It uses Mackie Control protocol. I have no problem with channels 1-8 but to go beyond the first 8 channels the MIO software expects there to be another fader pack which appears as separate MIDI device with its own set of MIDI addresses. So for every 8 channels I need to emulate a new midi device.

How can I make OSCulater appear as more than one midi device?



07-26-2010, 05:41 PM
Hello Steve,

The release 2.10 beta introduced new MIDI features, like a way to select a set of MIDI input ports or output ports, but there is currently now way to tell what message goes on which specific MIDI output.

Initially, I thought that you could create several IAC busses, and then select them as output ports in the Parameters window, but this solution wouldn't work as the MIDI messages would be broadcasted over all the outputs.

This broadcasting behavior was intended as a feature, making it easy to send data without having to explicitly tell where to route the messages. It is also compliant with the spirit of MIDI where data is sent on a "bus", that broadcasts its data by nature.

I have the sense that the new MIDI features could be refined a bit before we reach the release candidate status, and use it as an opportunity to find a solution for your issue.

I will have a read at the MIO docs ...



07-26-2010, 06:13 PM
HI Cam,

Thanks for the reply. Basically each fader group of 8 needs a unique MIDI source and destination. These are selected from the MIO Console Preferences in the Controller section. This is driven by compliance with the Mackie protocol. Each fader is referenced by Pitch Wheel with channel 1 going to fader 1 etc. So you run out at 16. For practical purposes you really run out at 8 because the MIO COnsole ignores channel 9 because it is intended as a master fader on the Mackie Control and MIO has not master fader in any particular location. I can tell you more via direct email if you need more details.

Steve Devino

sdevino at gmail dot com