View Full Version : Iphone + Osculator + Traktor Pro

08-03-2010, 01:36 AM
Hello folks, nice ap this seems to be. I just have one problem.

I might be blind, lacking in google skills or just plain stupid.

But i just cant get my touch osc to work with my iphone + traktor


iphone 3gs w ios4

Legal Version of Traktor pro

A frech macbook pro (Create network, private between the computer and phone)

A legal version of Osculator

A legal version of Touchosc for iphone

I do get messages in osculator after setting up a private network between my phone and macbook, and traktor finds the midi pots from osculator, but i just cant get traktor to "learn" any commands i send, what so ever.

I have googled everywhere, and i tried to do a search on here, but i could not find what i was looking for.

So i am asking for a full guide/tutorial on how to setup my iphone, macbook, osculator and traktor to work in harmony with each other.

I'm not looking for templates or anything, i just want my traktor to act after my iphone (using it for fx dry wet etc)

if anyone has a guide/can explain it to me, i would be very thankful

Best regards

Johannes Drakenberg