View Full Version : Send "total recall" from logic to TouchOSC/Ipad

08-22-2010, 12:54 PM
Hi everybody,

thanks a lot for your great work. Osculator runs perfectly fine so far

linking Logic with Touch OSC.

The only feature i can´t get to run is a "Total Recall". Means that Logic sends its fader status to Ipad after opening a new session so the fader status of Ipad and Logic is in sync right away. I tried to work around with the key-command "Alle aktuellen Fader-Werte senden ausser Sysex" (Probaly in english: Send all fader data except sysex)

Using this command you can see on the midi monitor of Logic that it sends out per fader volume and mute data and a third event i coudn´t identify. But somehow this data doesn´t reach Osculator. If it would, it probably could generate a status sync. At least thats my hope. Do you have a hint for me? Thanks a lot for your cool work. Best Thom

(I used the tutorial by Olivier Sebilotte, so the general feedback towards the Ipad runs fine. No problem with that./ Macbook Os10.5.8,Logic 8.0.2, TouchOsc and Osculator latest version)