View Full Version : APC40 with OSCulator and Ableton Live (chromatic MIDI notes)

09-14-2010, 10:27 PM
I want the APC40's pads to be chromatic MIDI notes. The current setup is as follows:

APC40 to Ableton Live (not used as a control source, only tracking notes)...

Ableton Live MIDI out to OSC MIDI input port...

- I modify the APC40 pads to make them chromatic notes

OSC output port to Ableton Live MIDI in.

OSCulator picks up APC40 information and reads it like this:


0: pitch

1: velocity

2: trigger

I then click pitch and select Edit > Demux, which then looks like this:


I press a pad and then the midi note number displays like this:



0: velocity

1: trigger

if I add an event type to "1: trigger" (ie: MIDI note / C1) then we're in business, except its going to be C1 across a row because each "column" of pads on the apc40 has the same MIDI notes, split on 8 MIDI channels.

So I need to figure out a way to separate notes by MIDI channel. Is this possible? I hope I included enough information in this post.

Thanks again,


09-14-2010, 10:39 PM
Hi Art,

If the midi notes are sent on 8 different MIDI channels, then you will get 8 different messages:





Then you can "demux" each of these messages, and will get access to each notes of each columns of you APC40.