View Full Version : Errors when using the Max 5 sample patch

09-28-2010, 09:43 PM
Just getting started with Max 5 and Osculator here, and running into a strange error.

The WiiMote pairs and is communicating, but I am getting this error in the Max 5 Window:

% OSC-route: float 0.681471 is not an OSC-address

This repeats indefinitely, with changing values for the float. The error goes away when I disable sending the Wii IR data (accelerometers work fine), but then of course I lose the XY positioning info, which is useful for me.

Has anyone else seen this? Anything I can do to fix it?

09-28-2010, 10:11 PM
Hi Gian Pablo,

Thanks for noticing this problem.

It seems the IR data that is routed to the [OSC-route /xys/1 /xys/2...] object is causing the errors to appear.

If you don't need to visualize the raw IR spots, I would suggest you simply divert the cable that goes from the third outlet of [OSC-route /accel /button /ir] to the [p scaler] object just underneath. This will make the error messages go away and display a blob in the LED display.

Here is a version of the Max file with the correction (http://www.osculator.net/res/wiimote2max5_irfix.zip). I will investigate on how to get a more permanent fix.