View Full Version : OSCulsator ignoring messages unless parameters changes

10-03-2010, 06:46 PM
I'm trying to use OSCulator to convert OSC messages from Field (by OpenEndedGroup) into MIDI notes.

I can trigger Field to send an OSC message and OSCulsator is receives it. OSCulator displays the path of the message when it's first received and boxes on the OSC path and the indices of the message flash orange when messages are received.

However if I repeatedly trigger the same message, given parameter's line only flashes orange when I change the value of that parameter. The message path's line always flashes, showing that all the messages are really being sent.

When I force a change in a parameter on what Field sends, I do see its value appear in the Quick Look window so the parameters are getting through too.

Does OSCulator filter out messages unless there is a change from the previous one sent? This is what appears to be happening.

If so, this may be fine for thinning continuous controllers, but not for Notes which may need to be repeated. I can't find a setting in OSCulator to change this.

I'm using OSCulator version 2.10.2.


10-03-2010, 07:06 PM
Hi Chris,

For Notes, OSCulator needs an "off" message before being able to send a new Note on.

The reason why it does it this way is to allow using Note events with continuous inputs.

Do you think you can change the input so it resets the message to zero before requesting a note on?