View Full Version : problem to keep push button highlighted on iPhone with TochOSC an OSCulator / Live 7

12-01-2010, 01:07 PM
hello !!

I followed the tutorial to learn how to configure TouchOSC and OSCulator / Ableton Live 7
I am on a MacBook Pro 13

I made my own layout in TouchOSC Editor... synced it in iPhone... and everything works very well ! I can launch clips, move faders and control sound in Ableton Live 7 from my iPhone 4 with TouchOSC !!!

But one thing is strange :
when the Mac and the iPhone are in my home wifi network "free.fr" (french operator with a "box" router wifi)
If I touch a push button on TouchOSC on iPhone the sound clip is lauched in Live and the push button highlights and stay highlighted until the sound is played in Live
OK everything is fine ! That's I want !

BUT .... when I create my own network between Mac and iPhone :
everything works fine as well but if I touch a push button, the sound is launched but the push button does not stay highlighted in TouchOSC !!! (it just illuminates the time I touch it)
It is strange because when I lauch the clip in Ableton Live... the push button highlghts in TouchOSC !!

What is wrong ??
Is is a problem with IP adresses in the network ?

my "free" router gives IP adresses : Mac and iPhone
so they are in the same IP ranges
when I create a network on Mac : IP adresses are
Mac and iPhone
Is it good ???
thanks for your answers

12-03-2010, 10:50 AM
Hey Kazimir,

You don't need to use IP addresses, and you should not.
Please follow the connection instructions given in this tutorial (http://www.osculator.net/doc/tutorial:1:start) and everything should be good.

It seems that you iPad is not properly advertising its presence to the computer. This is a problem everybody had recently, and the solution is to reboot the iPad. You might to reboot your computer as well.

Bon courage !

12-04-2010, 12:19 PM
thank you for your answer... I verified all the settings in Live and in TouchOSC : everything seems to be all right ! I have my iPhone and Mac rebooted
but this the same : when I press a button in TouchOSC the push button does not stay illuminated !?? but if I launch a clip from Live... OK the push button illuminates on the iPhone 4

"You don't need to use IP addresses, and you should not."
I have just created a network on the Mac and have not changed IP adress, I let it giving automatically an IP to this new personal network :
I connect my iPhone to this network, waiting for iPhone's IP appears (in blue circle tab), launch TouchOSC and click under Network
Host : (I give the same adress of the network) after a few seconds host name "kazimir.local." appears instead
Port out/in : 8000/9000
Found Host = MacBook Pro Pat:8000 (OSCulator)
I noticed that the host name and the Found Hosts name are different... !! why..?
should it be "Found Host : kazimir:8000 (OSCulator) " ????

12-05-2010, 01:52 PM
Hey Kazimir,

I honestly don't know exactly what is happening.
It is definitely a network configuration problem.
Your button is not "sticking" because the signal path from Live to your iPad is broken somewhere.
The checklist in this case is the following:
- Verify that "OSCulator In (8000)" is an enabled MIDI port in Live's preferences.
- In OSCulator, delete all messages starting with /midi and let the application re-create them automatically.
- In the Parameters Window, OSC tab, check that your iPad is in the target list and that the "default" radio button is enabled for this target.
- In the I/O tab, check that the "OSCulator In (8000)" MIDI port is activated.
- Finally, in TouchOSC verify that that the network configuration is correct.

Best Regards,