View Full Version : The more realistic instrument ? ( with wiimote motionplus . kontakt in ableton live )

01-12-2011, 05:31 PM
hi all

i am quiet new to osculator and i would like to build the more realistic instrument as possible using the motion plus
(guitare voice etc ..)

- with the A button playing separately the notes of 1 octave with diatonic scale (C D E F G A B C ) with the pitch . up to down .
( separated notes , not only note played with a bend eg theremin) . kind of staccato notes .
- with the B button playing those notes legato
- with the roll : the volume ( velocity )
- with the yaw : the basic pitch bend in samplers ( eg : kontakt , two half tones )

so the most difficult for me is to know , how to program this A button . one click : one note with the aftertouch

thanks in advance


01-13-2011, 12:14 PM
Salut Midibass,

I am not sure wether you will be able to do exactly what you like but here are a few tips:

What you want here is to have the MIDI Notes' parameters (pitch, velocity) controlled by the Wiimote's attitude angles. To do this you can use the event MIDI Note with Parameters. Have a look at the example "Use the Wiimote as a MIDI keyboard with a button trigger (http://www.osculator.net/doc/manual:midi_and_kyma_notes#example_1use_the_wiimot e_as_a_midi_keyboard_with_a_button_trigger)". You will note (excuse the pun), that in this example, the pitch angle controls the pitch of the note, and the roll angle controls the velocity.

As for the legato / staccato behavior of the notes, I think this will be difficult to do in MIDI. If you use an instrument with an attack soft enough, you can ask OSCulator to repeat the note as long as the trigger is active. I think this is the default option btw, and it's in the Parameters Windows, I/O tab.

Finally, there is no way in OSCulator to constrain a stream of MIDI Notes to a fixed scale. But this is something you can do in Live. Check out Live's MIDI Scale Effect. It's in the Live Devices sections, in the MIDI Effects folder.

Hope it helps …


PS: if you look at the Samples Library folder that is shipped with OSCulator you will see that there are some example files that use the MIDI Note w/ Parameters event.

01-31-2011, 01:52 PM
thanks so much camille for your answer
i hope i will show you the result and i will also see soon you playing with your group
have a nice life in sucy ;)