View Full Version : Paying by debit card problems

01-25-2011, 09:02 AM

I have been trying to purchase Osculator using my debit card as I do not wish to sign up with Paypal. I went over my entry multiple times and tried it different ways (spaces/no spaces between numbers), etc; so I know I am inputting my data correctly. I also know that I have money on both cards that I tried. For some reason it still declines my cards.

I hope there is a fix that does not include having to sign up for Paypal.

Any help would be appreciated


01-25-2011, 09:45 AM

Having a Paypal account and using a credit/debit card are two different things. You can pay with a debit card and use a Paypal account. But you can also pay without having to open a Paypal account, this is absolutely not a problem.

During checkout, you have to make sure your name and address matches the one to which your card is registered.

If you still have problems, please don't hesitate to contact Paypal's customer service, they must be able to help you better than me.

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