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03-24-2011, 01:16 AM
First i would like to start off with OSCulator is a great program using it is so easy. So here is my dilemma i am using TouchOSC via a Ipad with a custom made layout to control a digital audio console (a Yamaha DM2000 to be specific same basic premise as 01v96, LS9, and other Yamaha consoles) through OSCulator on a mac mini. It working great so far i have mapped all the Midi CC and Program changes to console and back to the ipad it all works great. When i move faders,on/off toggles, pan, eq on the ipad it moves on the console and vice versus. My only problem now is start up. When i start TouchOSC all values are at 0 and none of the data from the console is on the ipad. If i nudge faders or encoders on the console the values will then change on the ipad and snap to the correct values but i must do some type of moment on the console. Ive done some research on these forum but i haven't seen any answer I looking for a way to either create a type of SYNC button on the TouchOSC layout the will transmit a command via OSCulator to Send the data back to the ipad all at once or even if theres a way to send all the data from the console via a midi command back to the console that would work as well. I just need a way to send the necessary data at once. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Josh Foster

03-24-2011, 11:32 AM
Hi Josh,

Thanks for your interesting question.
At this moment, OSCulator doesn't have a clean way of dealing with initial status.

But there is something you can try:
OSCulator keeps track of current values, and is able to restore them when a preset is recalled.
Even if you use only one preset, this feature can be used to restore values when OSCulator is started (the default preset is recalled).

So, the idea is to use OSCulator with the console, and set the faders and buttons to the initial values.
Then, lock the document (Command-L) to prevent unwanted changes and save it document to "freeze" these values in the file.

I would be interested to know if that works for you.


03-24-2011, 11:03 PM
That's for the quick response I had some testing time today and the idea worked to an extent. I send the values on the console where I wanted then with osculator and TouchOSC open once I was happy with the fader data I saved it and close oscillator and touchOSC. When I opened up OSCulator and touchOSC with the console connected the correct data was sent to the TouchOSC interface but the incorrect data was sent to the console. The faders and encoders moved but not to the displayed position that was shown on the touchOSC interface. So what I had to do was set the osculator values to a nominal value from the console where I wanted them to start at, save the preset, then shutdown console, OSCulator, and touchOSC. Then I restarted the touchOSC app, started osculator and the data was sent to the touchOSC interface, then start up the console and the data would match up. It long way of doing it and if you close the touchOSC app you have to redo the whole process again so doesn't really work for a on the fly scenerio but it all I could come up with for the time being. Any other suggestions or idea are very much appreciated.

Josh Foster