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04-13-2011, 11:42 AM
In my project i have two pages.
In the second i have a push button.
I assigned the push button to a command in Traktor.

I'd like, when i press the push button the second page is switching to the first page. How can i do that? I can't find it in Osculator.

Is the process can be like that:
TouchOSC > osculator > TouchOSC

or have to be like that:
TouchOSC > osculator > Traktor or other midipipe > osculator > TouchOSC

Thx for your help!

04-13-2011, 11:58 AM
Hi Triff,

I'm not sure to understand very well.
You would like to change the page of TouchOSC when you push a button.
But isn't it what the pages do already?
Are you using a custom button because the positionning of the page button is not convenient for you?

Anyway, the process you described is right (TouchOSC > OSCulator > TouchOSC).
In OSCulator, go in the Parameters Windows, OSC tab, and create a new routing. Edit that routing and change the rewrite address to the name of the page you want to switch to (/1 for example). In the arguments list, remove the <all args> token (the page change messages in TouchOSC do not use arguments).

Hope it helps!


04-13-2011, 12:32 PM
Wahou! too quick your are :)

okay i will try that tonight!

In fact, my first page is the one i always use in live, the second is a push button matrix to select combo multi effects in traktor. So i want to automatise that, instead of switching back manually to the first one with the usual button on the top, i want to select an effet and the first page is directly launched...


04-13-2011, 11:55 PM
I'm sorry but i can't find the solution 8(

Name of the first page: SELECTOR
The second is: COMBO and the push button is push11

Here is the steps i tried:

/COMBO/push11 appear in the list as an input.
event type: OSC routing
Value: localhost:9000 > /SELECTOR/1 (i try with /SELECTOR because when i switch this page the input is /SELECTOR without /1)
i'm a bit confused cause all the input from traktor have this value: Default: iPad [iPad] (TouchOSC) >etc... Why can't i put the same value?

It seems there is no routing back so i try to duplicate the input /COMBO/push11, the first line have a midi CC event type and 70 for the value (i'll need it for my setting in traktor so i think duplicate is a good idea) and for the second line i put OSC routing and localhost:9000 > /SELECTOR/1

And still dosen't work... And i removed the tags <args> as you said...

In the manual i saw that:

"Manually Create Message… Prompts the user with a OSC message name, and displays it in the list. This command is only useful in some very specific cases.

One of them is with TouchOSC, when configuring bi-directional communication with a control that is not able to send messages for example a label or a LED:

Choose “Manually Create Message…” and give the name of the LED you want to map in Live (e.g. /1/led1),
When the message is displayed in the list, assign a MIDI Control Change event,
In Live activate the MIDI learn mode and select the control you want to map with the LED,
Back to OSCulator, click in the activity monitor corresponding to the /1/led1 message (this will have the effect of sending the assign MIDI message to Live),
Disengage learn mode in Live, and use the mapped control, this will create a back-mapping entry in OSCulator, thus changing the status of the LED in TouchOSC."

But i don't have this function in the menu... 8(

And i tried one more thing:
I use Midipatchbay to rout the output of osculator in the osculator input(8000). So i have a new input, i tried to change the destination but it still doesn't work.... eurk!

Do you have another idea? 8)

04-14-2011, 12:17 AM

okay i find a solution! Maybe not the a proper one but it works fine!

i give a midi CC for the page /SELECTOR value 127
I duplicate the line of the push button. one with 70 for the value and another one with 127.
In Traktor i put modifier 1 Input with 127 and a modifier 1 Output with 127.

So when i press the push button, my effects are selected, the modifier 1 value switch and traktor send to osculator a midi cc of 127 and the first page is switching!!

04-14-2011, 12:23 AM
Excellent solution, glad you found it!