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06-13-2011, 09:04 PM

New to the community!
I just bought an iPad so it's time to explore the possibilities of TouchOSC in combination with Traktor Pro 2.

I'd love to use my iPad with a custom build interface to control the new sample deck feature in Traktor.

To play back a sample there are two possibilities:
- normal playback of the full sample
- triggered playback as long as you touch a button.

In order to save space when designing my layout, I'd like to have one 'big' playback button and a smaller toggle one below to switch between normal and triggered playback.

I guess a good way to start is to manually create (two?) messages, but I'm stuck on how you can make both original buttons interact to output different midi CC values depending on the state of the toggle button.

I've seen this done in youtube video's so I guess i'm overlooking something or just not yet familiar enough with the possibilities :)

thanks for advice. :)


06-14-2011, 01:31 AM
Hey Gery,

Your two buttons will need two different OSC addresses, because they address two different functions.
Also, you want the same button to have two different actions based on the values of another button.

Here's a suggestion on how you could do that:

in your layout, add the big push button, and the smaller toggle button.
register them in OSCulator
in OSCulator, duplicate the push button message, and uncheck the enabled checkbox of one duplicate. This will ensure that only one event will be triggered when you hit the push button.
Duplicate the message corresponding to the toggle button and assign two "Enable" events to both of the duplicates. For the first value, choose the first duplicate of the push button (/1/push1 [0] for example), and for the second choose respectively the second duplicate of the push button (/1/push1 [0>0]).
Finally, assign MIDI CC or whatever event you want to push button's duplicates.

Now when you hit the toggle button, it will select the behavior of the push button between two possibilities.

Attached in an example of such setup.


06-14-2011, 06:06 PM
works like a charm! thank you very much! :)