View Full Version : Android Tablet + touchOSC + Osculator + MacBook (+Traktor)

07-13-2011, 09:49 PM
Hey all

I recently stumbled upon this forum because I got an android pad to mess with for some hours and played around with touchOSC and Osculator. I'd now like to share a quick how-to that worked for my setup:

create the wlan connection

enable network sharing on your mac, use a 5 digit password with wep 40bit (default)
connect to the wlan with the android tablet

launch osculator

edit the connection settings (input port 6000, output port at osc routing tab has to be ip.of.your.tablet:7000)

launch touchosc

edit the connection settings (input port 7000, output port 6000)
host: ip.of.your.mac (for me this was not hostname.local, dont ask me why)

now you should get the midi signal, then edit the event types in osculator (event type midi cc, value 0, channel 1 - whatever worked for me, try out what works best for your setup)

I used the midi signals in traktor to control effects - I think this should also be possible for any other programs understanding midi.

Hope this helps somebody,

07-14-2011, 12:01 AM
Excellent feedback Phrunk, thank you very much!
(I took the opportunity to restore the original formatting).