View Full Version : New Version of TouchOSC and new objects

07-30-2011, 04:36 PM
Look at this:

TouchOSC 1.7.3
- New control: Multi-Push
- New control: Encoder
- Added setting of control position with OSC messages: /control/position/x, /control/position/y
- Added setting of control z-order with OSC messages: /control/position/z
- Added setting of control width and height with OSC messages: /control/size/w, /control/size/h
- Multi-Toggle controls now allow multiple touch input
- Corrected sending/receiving of MIDI Program Change messages via CoreMIDI connections
- Corrected order of MIDI z-message sending for all controls
- Corrected rendering of Push controls to match editor preview
- Corrected rendering of LED controls to match editor preview

TouchOSC Editor 1.5.3
- Added control: Multi-Push
- Added control: Encoder
- Corrected “Center > Horizontal” tool behavior for horizontal layouts
- Added warning when opening layouts made with newer versions of the editor
The documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.
For the info on the new controls see:
For info on the new global messages see: