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06-07-2012, 11:47 AM
Hello, i'm in an entire remake of my live setup, and the wii motes are giving me a hard time for some reason.

In the past, they would be set to motion plus cyclic mode, and no matter where i had it in space, it would always increase/decrease the value assigned on a relative basis, happy days.

Now however, if i go to far in cyclic mode, it jumps back to the 0 value, if i go to far in infinite mode, it stops giving values, and if i go to far in continuous mode it just goes up and down like a sine wave.

It behaves like an absolute fader, even though nothing is set to be absolute.

For some purposes, going a few wheel-type motions is essential, as it might take me 3-4 laps in order to get the result i want (it's a visually enjoyable thing, and the value is increased in a smooth fashion)

Now however, i cant do more than a 90° motion towards either angle, or it will mess up.

I tried all the three pitches and rolls i could find, for each wii mote. But none would give me the behavior of the past, also i double checked my old mappings as well as my old oscluator file, everything is in order.

Here's a video if it's unclear.


And while i'm here, i see now that you can sync using the red button inside the mote, is there any difference at all compared to pressing 1-2 simultaneously? Oh, and that red button sync is a little buggy, i have to press both motes at the exact same time for them to connect, if one is pressed later on it...
1) does not connect
2) connects but dissconnects the other

I can't find the option for keeping discover mode on, everytime it finds a mote, it stops looking for new ones!

Cheers, and if you need a video for my problem, i'll be more than happy to make one, i must agree it's not super clear what i want.

06-07-2012, 11:58 AM
Hi Johanness,

Now however, if i go to far in cyclic mode, it jumps back to the 0 value, if i go to far in infinite mode, it stops giving values, and if i go to far in continuous mode it just goes up and down like a sine wave.

1- it sounds like you are using MIDI to send the Wiimote data, and that you have a scaling problem. Cyclic mode goes back to zero, that's normal. If Continuous mode looks like a sine wave, that's exactly how it was designed for. Finally if infinite mode is capped, that might be because you use MIDI to send the angle value. MIDI data eventually ges capped below 0 or after 127. So, check that you have the right (input) scaling before you send to the MIDI message. I can't be 100% sure of what I am saying, so use the Quick Look window to see if inifinite mode and cyclic mode are behaving well.

2- the way MotionPlus data computation has not changed since the last release, so I don't think there is something broken.

About the new Wiimote pairing system:

The way it works now is that you only need to pair the Wiimote once. After the Wiimote has been paired with your computer you don't need to repeat the process again, just press a button of your Wiimote and it will connect automatically, provided the Bluetooth adapter is turned on.

After pairing, and depending on your Wiimote model, you might need to hold a button for a couple of seconds or press it repeatedly, but the connection should always succeed.

The embedded PDF manual gives full details about the new pairing process. You can access the manual from the Help menu.


06-07-2012, 01:12 PM
Hello, solved it by setting motion plus to 100% :) Now i don't need to reset anything, and no matter where i have it, it will always increase the values when pitching up. Happy Drakenberg.

Thank you for your quick reply once again, is there any way i can help you with anything? On top of hosting such an amazing piece of software, you're really really good in keeping the support up! I feel obligated to return the favor!


06-08-2012, 11:02 AM
Hey Johannes,

I'm happy to hear the issue is solved, and thank you for your nice thoughts.
If you want to help, here are three simple things you can do:

Talk about OSCulator around you.
Give feedback on OSCulator, or the Users' Manual.
Renew your license.