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04-21-2009, 01:45 PM
Hello there!

Im totaly new to this software and wonder if a extern midi source can control apple kenote.

So MidiKeyboard>USBMIDI>OSCULATOR>Keynote = Change slide or play film, sound and so on.

Thanks a lot.


04-21-2009, 05:12 PM
Hey Eurotrash,

OSCulator can only receive MIDI control changes (next version will receive MIDI notes as well).

If your keyboard can send control changes, that is ok.

Use the MIDIPipe application to forward signals coming from your keyboard to OSCulator.

If your keyboard only sends MIDI Notes, no ptoblem, you can also use MIDIPipe to convert MIDI Notes to MIDI CC.

When OSCulator receives a MIDI CC, all you have to do is to assign it a Keyboard Combo event. You can use the included file containing standard keyboard combos for Keynote.



04-21-2009, 07:27 PM
Thanx Cam for the quick answer! Sounds realy sweet.

Well I actualy still need some more info... Im doing a show were we control the music from a Win XP cuebase. Now i make the presentations in Keynote. So the chain would be the folowing:

(Win)Cubase>USB MIDI>MIDA Cable>USB MIDI>OSCULATOR>(OSX)Keynote = Change slide or play film.

Is this the best way to do it or are there other ways to comunicate these two computers (wifi, bluetooth etc.)? And does cubase send MIDI CC?

I can not figure out a good way, so if you have some idéas to make this action reality I would be soo happy...

All the best . Eurotrash

04-21-2009, 10:37 PM
I see.

I am not sure to think about a more simple way of doing this, but here is how you could do:

In Cubase, you can automate MIDI Control Changes (I know it is possible, but I can't describe precisely how to do it). For each action you want to perform in Keynote, choose a corresponding MIDI CC (any number will do, just pick the CC numbers for different actions). In the automation timeline, draw values going from 0 to 127, and shortly after a while, back to 0, this will simulate the pressing of a key.

Now, as you said, connect a MIDI cable from computer A to computer B (the Macintosh), and run the program MIDI Pipe (http://web.mac.com/nicowald/SubtleSoft/MidiPipe.html). This program will enable you to route MIDI message received on the physical MIDI interface to the virtual MIDI interface of OSCulator. This should be very simple: just create a pipe with a "MIDI In" input (your physical MIDI interface), and a "MIDI Out" output (OSCulator virtual MIDI port, be sure to have OSCulator running to see it in MIDI Pipe).

Now run your automation from Cubase, messages will appear in OSCulator. For each different MIDI CC received, you can assign a Key Combo event, which will trigger keyboard shortcuts. Before that, open the Parameters window, and drop in the table the Keynote.okeys file you will find in the "Sample Patches" folder. This will populate the list with most of well known Keynote shortcuts. You can also add your own shortcuts.

Finally, for each MIDI CC OSCulator has received, in the Event column, choose "Key Combo", and in the Value column, choose the key combo you want to trigger.

Now, each time you play your Cubase session, it will trigger keyboard shortcuts on the Mac targeted to the Keynote application.

I hope this answers your question.