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07-10-2009, 02:03 AM
Sorry if this is to a basic question but I have not see any documentation example on the Handbook.

I need to re-write the OSC message coming from TouchOSC for use with NetLab Media control

the message needs to be in the format:

/mediacontrol/dmxoutput/data xx yy

where xx is the DMX channel and yy is value from 0 - 255

I managed to use the scaling feature (although hidden and not documented) so I can get the message to look like

/1/fader2 125.0000

I need to convert it to

/mediacontrol/dmxout/data 2 125

I can "hard code" each fader in TouchOSC to correspond to a DMX channel.

The "mediacontrol", "dmxout" and "data" portions of the outgoing message will not change the 2 can be hard coded and will correspond to the fader and the 125 is the scaled fader value.

help please

Gil V.

07-10-2009, 10:09 AM
Hi Gil,

You were close, and the scaling is first step.
Now you need to create a OSC routing that will rewrite the address and change the arguments.

Open the Parameters Window, and go to the "OSC Hosts" tab.
Add a new OSC routing, by clicking the + sign on the lower left of the window
Change "localhost" and 9000 to whatever host and port you need to use for the DMX bridge, or use it if you find it convenient
Select the line, and click on the "pen" button, located lower left, this will display the OSC routing editor
Change the target OSC address to /mediacontrol/dmxout/data
In the target arguments, type the number 2 on your keyboard, followed by a space. This will create a token with the number 2 inside. (by default 2 will be sent as an integer. You can change it to a string or a float if you hover your mouse on it, and display the contextual menu associated to that token.)
Drag the 'All Args' token after the '2'. This will appends the others args to that rewritten message. You could also drag the 'f:arg[0]' token which will write the first argument in place of the token. This would have in essence the same effect since TouchOSC messages have only one message (expected the X/Y pad which has two)
Close the routing editor, and close the Parameters window (click OK)
Locate the message you want to rewrite, select "OSC Routing" as Event Type, and "localhost:9000 -> /mediacontrol/dwxout/data (2, all args)" as the Value. You can make the column larger to see every parameters correctly.


07-11-2009, 01:50 AM
Thanks Camille

That worked very well.

Now to tame the NetLab beast.

Gil V.