View Full Version : MIDI Clock, Start/Stop/Continue sync between Live and Numerology2

08-16-2009, 09:15 AM
Hello People!

Now, I have Numerology2 acting as a step sequencer for my hardware drum machines, rewired to Live. I use my iPhone with a custom TouchOSC layout to trigger the steps by loops and thus send notes to the analog drum machines (which has no built-in sequencer), TR-909 style, filling the lack of a flexible step sequencer both in the machine and in Live itself (sigh).

So, Numerology only has one virtual MIDI input available, and one output: the input is obviously routed to OSCulator, allowing TouchOSC control.

I need to find a way to have Live as a clock master and a slave Numerology (or viceversa).

It looks like you have to go through OSCulator to achieve this: so as soon as I turn on Sync in Numerology and select OSCulator as a sync input (and turning on OSCulator output as a sync output in Live) some /midi/clock/ arguments appear in my OSCulator routing page (makes sense).

Unluckily, as soon as I start Live, Numerology2 crashes.

I can only figure that some sort of bad loop is happening in OSCulator, causing Num2 to crash.

Still, I have problems figuring how to set the /midi/clock/ parameters in OSCulator. The manual has no specific hint about it, as far as I could see...

Any suggestion?

Here are a couple of screenshots which should be pretty self-explanatory of my setup (UltraLite is offline in the shots, but no concern):

Live Sync Setup (http://www.deepdept.com/screenshots/fullscreen-20090816-110857.jpg)

Numerology2 Sync Setup (http://www.deepdept.com/screenshots/fullscreen-20090816-111025.jpg)

Numerology Clock Setup (wrong? anyone?) (http://www.deepdept.com/screenshots/fullscreen-20090816-111259.jpg)

Any idea much welcome.


08-16-2009, 01:24 PM
Never mind, forget it.

Solved my issue by using an IAC driver bus to sync: seems to work now, although I haven't physically plugged the soundcard in yet. I still think I ran across some sort of OSC data loop which made Numerology2 flip out.

Now I can finally step-sequence the Vermona DRM1 and the MFB-522 drum-machines along with running the Electribe and the Doepfer Dark Energy hand-in-hand with them. Wirelessly. =P

Once more, thank you so much for your effort in making OSCulator the ultimate controller interface for my live playing!

08-20-2009, 06:47 PM
Hi Clakes,

The /midi/clock messages are there for advanced used.

Actually MIDI Clock really wants to stay in the MIDI world, as you found out.

Maybe you might want to take a look at MIDI Patchbay (http://notahat.com/midi_patchbay).

I think this software will let you properly route the MIDI Clock information from one master to several slaves, even if they don't have a physical MIDI input, only virtual just like OSCulator.