View Full Version : MrMr slider issue for midi control of Korg Microsampler

04-05-2010, 07:26 PM

First, I love Osculator, its revolutionised my music.

I have a problem with the output from MrMr osc software. I'm using mrmr to trigger a korg microsampler through osculator and the slider parameters are not creating a scale between 0 and 127 but rather jumping from 127 to 0 with no incrementation. I have tested TouchOSC and this work well with this feature, however mrmr has a great function that is perfect for triggering a sampler where you can touch a button for an on/off event but if you touch the button and slide your finger away the button stays on and the sample loops (This may be a bug, but its great!!) The only problem is I cant add effects or alter pan and volume due to the slider issue. Is there any way to remedy this? I have watched the output through Midi Monitor and as I've mentioned there is no incrementation.

04-05-2010, 08:44 PM
Hey Stim,

To solve that issue, there are two things you will need to check:

1. In mrmr, look at the output configuration, is it sending floats or integer values? (i bet it is floats)

2. Check out the scalings page (View->Scalings Page). If you are using a version older than 2.9.4, chances are OSCulator automatically configured the input scaling to [0 1000] (which is the default mrmr range for integer values). Simply replace the 1000 by 1.0, and you should get consistent results.

There has been recently a thread about this question: http://www.osculator.net/forum/topic/329#post-1628.

I think you will find some more useful information.