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06-29-2010, 10:39 PM
Is there a way (or potential future development???) to allow for a delay when OSCULATOR renders keystrokes.

My new usage for OSCULATOR with TOUCHOSC is quite simple : I am trying to trigger a lighting state on a Windows Application that would normally require me to press :

"S" which opens a scene select text box then enter the scene i.e. "21" and then press RETURN.

Doing this manually on the keyboard works fine, but when I set up a duplicated keystroke in OSCULATOR which triggers "S" then "2" then "1" then "RETURN", my PC is too slow and simply receives the "S" and then the "RETURN"

If I could put a small delay after the first trigger then this, (i think!) might solve the issue

Any ideas gladly (no, really gladly) appreciated


06-30-2010, 07:19 PM
Hi Phil,

I will try to see wether I can reproduce the same behavior on my computer. I must admit I have never tried to send a series of keystrokes with duplicates, so I'm rather excited to find a solution.

I'm unsure wether the problem comes from a timing issue or a lack of CPU power.

Since you are running Windows software on a Mac I believe you are using a virtual machine.

Could you please tell me what virtual machine you are using (Parallels, VMWare, ...)?

Have you been able to reproduce this problem in a simple application like Notepad?

Last question: have you been able to actually type 2 and 1 somewhere else than in your lightning application?

Thanks in advance for your reply!