View Full Version : Is there way to export OSCulator Mapping data?

07-03-2010, 04:17 PM
This may seem somewhat cheeky but as you may come to see there is a good reason for my question.

I have a set of templates to control Traktor Pro built on the MAC using TouchOSC for the iPad and OSCulator. The OSCulator template file has several hundred entries in it. It works great on MAC, but I have a bunch of people asking for windows support so right now that involves building a Pure Data template.

I'm aware of Hexlers tool for generating a .PD file from a Touch OSC file but that generates a new map completely different from the one I use for OSCulator. The TouchOSC layout file is XML so I can at least parse that, but due to the nature of the beast, OSCulators data file appears to be binary and thus the opportunities to parse it are very limited or will be very complex.

So heres the question... Is there a way to export, copy paste or whatever, the OSCulator mapping data from its template into some file format that could be more readily parsed? I don't care if its CSV or XML, spreadsheet or even plain text for that matter. just some-way would be great. There are a bunch of windows Traktor DJ's with iPads that want to try out my templates but I'm hampered by the amount of time if would take to build new Traktor mapping files, and I do not relish building Pure Data files by hand as you can well imagine! ;-)

Any guidance you have would be much appreciated.

07-04-2010, 01:04 AM
Ahh, I have to admit to that this is an embarrassing question!

The short answer is that it would be a lot of work right now to implement an export feature. The file format used by OSCulator is provided by the Cocoa framework on which the application is built. It gives me an neat and reliable way to save the contents of the document to a file without having to define a more standardized format.

Thanks to the growing number of users adopting the OSC standard, I am seriously considering a solution to port OSCulator to the Windows platform, but as you can imagine this is a large project about which I don't want to take the risk of giving too much promises at this stage of reflexion.