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    Hello Camille,

    OSCulator has worked flawlessly with my Wiimotes and MAX/MSP, but as I've gotten deeper into my project I've realized that the Sixaxis would be the better controller because of its (imo) superior ergonomics. I'd would like to the bump the request for Sixaxis support.


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    Hi Patrick,

    I have bought a Sixaxis a couple of month ago but I have been only able to go halfway to fully support it in OSCulator. I have not given up though, and I will definitely try harder to make it work.



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      Hey Camille,

      I would really appreciate at that. In fact, I would like to make a small donation to support your efforts. Could you post your PayPal email address here? If you prefer, you can email me at jpflanagan[**at**]



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        Hello James,

        Sorry for the late answer, I just came back from my holidays.

        I really appreciate your offer concerning a donation for the Sixaxis support.

        You are already a registered user, and this is already a great reward for me.

        I have started to work on the Sixaxis support since a few month however, I still have some problems figuring out how to initialize the device. I managed to get one part working, but the most important is still lacking (only works with USB plugged-in, accelerometers not working, force feedback not working).

        I will search on the net if I can see some new documentation about this device, or find someone that already managed to make it work. I believe this has been done on Linux, so I might want to get in touch with the people that found the trick.

        Anyway, supporting this device is still on my todo list, and I hope to tell you some good news in a short to medium term future, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to find the right solution soon.