No announcement yet. charging a fee for download of OSCulator 2.9 RC2

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  • charging a fee for download of OSCulator 2.9 RC2

    To the administrators of this forum, I chanced upon a site ( charging a subscription fee for their download services, and OSCulator 2.9 RC2 was one of the files included.

    I was informed by my friend about OSCulator and we thought we could try it out for our live sets. We chanced upon the service by chance.

    If this is a case of the unlawful use of your software for profit, I hope they stop it. Hope this info is useful.

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    Hi Spouter,

    Thanks for alerting me of this, I was aware of the issue.

    The version 2.9-rc2 is just a public beta, is not bugless and lacks support for the DJ Hero extension.

    If you paid for this download service, you have been abused by the owners of this website.

    This is indeed an unlawful distribution of my software.

    I am sure they won't stop doing that business, and I can assert there are hundreds of websites, sitting on a pile of dollars, on which people stumble by chance.