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  • PlayStation Move controller


    Does it possible to use Osculator with new PlayStation Move controller? Or atlease with SixAxis/DualShock?

    Thanks, Alex

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    The Move controller is expected to be released this fall, therefore it is not supported.

    You can make the Dualshock remote work with the HID module of Quartz Composer, but it is a bit of a pain to have it work fine. A few month ago, I have bought a Dualshock controller and started to hack this thing but I realized it would be a sloppy work to provide a decent support on every platforms that OSCulator runs on.

    When I will drop support for Mac OS X Tiger, I will consider the idea of working on a proper integration of HID devices in OSCulator, but right now this is not my first priority.




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      I have an access to one, tried to connect to macbook but bluetooth can't see it in the available bluetooth devices, neither DualShock =(


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        Camille, can I contact you privately?


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          the sony playstation move seems to be a propriety controller as it says on their website that the controller will not work with any other interface. Though it would be really cool if this could be used with OSCulator.


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            Hello, I'm reviving this topic since a very complete PS Move API was released in December.

            The PS Move API is an open source library for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows to access the Sony Move Motion Controller via Bluetooth and USB directly from your PC without the need for a PS3. Tracking in 3D space is possible using a PS Eye (on Linux and Windows), an iSight camera (on Mac OS X) or any other suitable camera source.
            Read everything about it here: