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  • No Osc message arrives

    Hello my friends, I am running on a 10.4.11 mac... I have configured the connection to specification 8000 in 9000 out etc... as mentioned in the dubbspot tutorial...

    And eveything seems ok but when I try to send osc messages from the ipad to osculator nothing shows up even if osculator is "Running".

    Nothing happens either when trying to upload a "patch" from the osc editor...

    The connection shows up everything looks good.. but the patch is never sent... and nothing shows up after pressing add... Ohh... plus... every time I start my computer on... this message pops up...

    The system extension"/system/library/extensions/osculatorIOkit.kext was installed improperley and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update...

    Tried reinstalling and updating as well... and the msg still shows up on bootup..


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    Hey Isaac,

    Are you sue OSCulator's input port is well configured?

    If TouchOSC on your iPad is configured to send data to port 9000, then OSCulator must receive data on port 9000. I invite you to read the iPhone/iPad FAQ on this website that will give you tips and hints on how to hook everything up.

    About your extension problem: this is a well known 10.4 Tiger problem, the solution is to run a system cache cleaner application, like Onyx. Run the kernel cache cleaner and you should be set.

    Another option if you don't use the Wiimote, is to remove that extension by unchecking the option in the Preferences.




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      Thanks my friend i"m up an running now!