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  • WOW! amazing software

    I was looking into using a wiimote with ableton and was playing around with the wii2midi program at first, its usable but very basic and twitchy, so I found osculator as an alternative.

    and all i can say is WOW.

    now I only just downloaded it yesterday and It instantly obvious how powerful this program could prove to be not only for midi controlling but for all sorts of programs.

    im so glad i stumbled across this - it seems theres not much coverage of this program or maybe its just me looking in the wrong places?

    its crazy to think you can spend £100's on fx controllers or just £30 on a wiimote and get the same outcome! or even less if you build one of those mini tbeta boards!

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    hey pushmusic,

    nice to hear osculator is useful to you.

    can you tell me a bit more about this tbeta board?

    it sounds interesting …



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      for sure

      its just the same as one of those ReacTables just really mini and on a budget

      basically its just a cardboard box with a web cam at the bottom looking up

      then you put a piece of glass on it then a piece of paper, when you run your fingers over the board the tbeta software interprets your shadow movements and outputs them to the osculator software.

      i got the instructions here:

      i just made one today, it works - but its not that great. i think the quality of the camera needs to be quite good and the light needs to be right but its very promising.


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        woah, that is cool.

        I wonder what it'd give with dancers behind a white curtain …


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          yeah wouldn't that be an interesting piece of interactive art

          as people walk behind the screen and cast a shadow a note is played and as they move around the sound is manipulated by some kind of filter.

          the things you could do


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            something like this



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              yeah just like that - but i never thought anyone could make it that good

              i can't believe what im seeing

              i want a go


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                yeah, memo is awesome.

                to do that, he wrote a simple processing program that splits the camera input in rows and columns. each cell has an ID number (a unique number if you will).

                for each cell he would send an osc message to osculator with pitch, velocity … and note index (the famous unique number) so he can use the MIDI Note On/Off for polyphonic MIDI notes. This feature has been created for that occasion.


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                  Processing is really great program, I am trying to learn it, but since I am totaly new to programing its slow. Last time i made a program it was on Commodore 64 ...I been searcing the web lately for any open source components to make multitouch and object/patern recognition interface in Processing, and there are lots off stuff just on their website. But puting it all together for me is little slow. I am wondering why didnt anybody allready done this. For a serius programer it shoudent be a problem. Looking at the posibilites and how easy is to make DIY multitouch table I hope somebudy will do it soon.


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                    ive not come across this program before, sounds rather complicated?

                    what is it like writing in c++ or something?


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                      if you know a bit about java, processing should be even easier.

                      even though the syntax looks like c++, it is not the same as you don't have to manage memory, and being a scripted language, you don't have to compile the code to run it.