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    I use the Osculator with a wiimote to Dj with Traktor, & it's potentially great.

    But if I could assign specific presets to buttons, enabling me to jump direct to that preset, It would be extremely useful.

    Flicking through active presets sends unwanted information. If I could have 1 preset which sent no information, (other than to select which preset to jump too)

    It would act as an off switch leaving X-faders, deck tempo, etc in position I left them. & I would be able to jump straight to - eg Fx control, or tempo control without the delay of having to scroll through a series of presets.

    Is this possible in a future update ?

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    nice suggestion.

    what kind of input would you like to use to change the presets?

    if we started with a MIDI program change I think it would make a lot of sense. Would that be possible for you to use those MIDI program changes to change the presets, then?


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      at the moment you can assign - "next (Osculator) preset" or "previous preset", to a wiimote button, (forcing you to scroll if there are many presets). I wish in addition to these 2 options, I could assign - "Go to preset 1",- "Go to preset 2" -3 -4 -5 etc directly. (So scrolling isn't necessary). I don't understand how a midi program change would be work ?


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        Yes, providing a fixed number of preset "jumpers" could be a working solution. I was suggesting the use of MIDI Program Changes as a more generic solution as they are usually used to change a preset, for example you send a program change to a synth to change its current sound.

        So, you just send a program change with value 3 for example to jump to preset 3. This can be done with any software or synth that can send program changes. On the other hand, if you don't have an easy access to program changes, your solution is better.

        Could you please tell me which version of Traktor you are using? There was a bug in Traktor 3 that prevented the use of MIDI messages with softwares like OSCulator …


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          Im using traktor v3.4.1 & have never had a problem with it receiving midi frpm osculator. It works great. I think we are talking at cross purposes.

          I don't think I could do what your suggesting, (use program changes messages , like a synth to change preset states) in Traktor. (it doesnt have preset states of x-faders & knobs like a synth, just preset layouts)

          I would love to be able to instantly jump to different Osculators presets (using assigned buttons on the wiiMote) to control different knobs & faders of Traktor.


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            Cool to hear that NI fixed the virtual MIDI interface bug.

            I have version 3.3, and it is not working.

            I have implemented both solutions: program changes, and jump to preset (going from 1 to 8). If you want to test it, drop me an email, and I'll send you a preview.