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  • Amazing!

    I just wanted to stop by and drop a note off to say "holy crap, this is really amazing stuff!" I love how easy it is to get hardware and software controllers working with Reason. I'm having great luck connecting every OSC controller app I have without problems.

    I've built an arduino project box that hardwires switches, sliders, and knobs to an arduino so that I always had these things available when I wanted to prototype stuff. Well, I figured it might make an interesting music controller, so I wrote a serial data protocol for the arduino that is received by a cocoa app that I wrote (called Rosco) with the help of an excellent serial library (AMSerial)... the cocoa app then sends the munged serial data off to a quartz composer composition, which can do things like change the rate of value interpolation and the interpolation curve type from sliders and then broadcasts that data out to OSC... which is then picked up by osculator, and then transmitted to Reason.

    Kinda duct tape and popsicle sticks, I know, but the end result is that I can use any kind of sensor to control parameters in reason, and that's just freakin' awesome.

  • #2

    That IS very cool!

    Could you please tell us a bit more on the Arduino platform?

    Is it hard to communicate with it? I think I'd like to include support for it in the future (thinking, thinking, thinking ...)

    Oh, and if you can post a video that would just great, you aroused my curiosity!