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Music reading, OSCulator and Wiimotes

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  • Music reading, OSCulator and Wiimotes

    Dear Camille and the Osculator family,

    My name is Kat Winn and I am a music teacher in Louisiana (US) who has been using Osculator with my students (3rd - 12 grade) since 2009. I have developed a notation for the wiimotes and my students help me to transcribe SATB scores into Osculator and then into our own notation to be played in ensemble. They all have been able to understand and program Osculator very quickly. Thank you for creating this program that allows us to play together without having to buy expensive instruments.

    I am enclosing the folder for the Christmas song, Il Est Ne le Divine Enfant for 3 wiimotes (yes I know it's July, but it might be fun for you anyway :-) We use GarageBand for our sound source just for the sake of convenience but any DAW will do. The scores are in Apple Pages format but if you need PDF, I will send them in that format.

    As for our notation...the bottom is the count and the top line is the Wiimote control button. Just count together and hit the button when you are supposed to and you're good to go!

    I am also sending you a link to a recent performance we did in May. It's the US National Anthem and we figured that it would be appreciated by our audience. It's not perfect but the kids are only age 8 to 12 so they are at least very cute.

    I hope you try playing our Christmas song. Just open a bottle of wine with some friends and have loads of fun! Let me know what you think and if you have trouble opening any of the files, just let me know and I will re-send them to you.

    Thank you so much for your vision and talent. It has helped us to be better musicians.

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    Hi Kat,

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am impressed at how many players you have on stage. It is touching to see these kids so concentrated What a wonderful way of teaching music!

    I am sure they will remember this enriching experience... thanks to you.



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      Hi Cam,

      About the number of players...we had 11 onstage and I think 3 were missing that night. I used 2 iMacs offstage, so we could have had up to 16 players. Each computer was running Osculator for 8 players and GarageBand. Naturally each Osculator file had different routing numbers. I'm pretty sure I was only limited by how many computers I could lay my hands on at a time.

      Maybe someday I will test the boundaries of Osculator (and Logic Pro next time) and write an arrangement for orchestra! ;-)

      Your reply was very uplifting for me. Thank you for your kindness.