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FCPREMIX intro played on wiitar

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  • FCPREMIX intro played on wiitar

    without v 2.8.8 i wouldnt have been able to do this one. this is just a small intro of the song fcpremix by fall of troy, and then a little added wrif. im working on more but i thought id show you all what this fantastic software enables me to do. the main thing that i used in the update was the latched combined event. it allowed me to have 5 notes for each fret button. and when i push down on the strum bar, ti contains double the latched combined events, one to turn off the first 5 notes and enable the next 5 no i effectively have 10 instant notes without preset switching. now this is just for what i need so far, if you press multiple fret buttons you could achieve the same effects say G on green key, G# on the red key and the you could have G minor chord when both are pressed simultaneously. using both of these methods you could have aproximately 58 notes/chords in one preset. now this might not be that logical, but it definitely has its benefits over the 5 note fretboard. if anyone wants to do something like this, ill be glad to help you out if you run into trouble. and btw sorry or the sound lag on the video. it was fine before i upped it to youtube. so here it is finally:

    hope you enjoy and thanks again for the great help and additions to the software.

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    I've to understand how to translate this on my own set: three wii-mote and a nunchuck...

    I need to create a preset ( or a bunch of presets...) so that even a non expert can use it with no problem: a dancer or wath else.

    Some "real" player ( me on keys and Ewi, another one on guitar and so on) and some Wii-mote player, all making music, not noise... :-)


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      what exactly are you looking to do? its hard to find a way of moving things around ant still sounding good. if you can find the scale of the song you are playing, you could set up notes to go in that scale such as a pentatonic scale, which would actually be ideal for the wii guitar. if you looking for an ambient effects use, im afraid i cant help too much. ive only been playing with the specified midi side in predefined notes and chords. the cool thing about using predefined is if you have a presetset to only notes in the song or the same scale, theoretically all you need is to know the beat of the song to achieve decent sound that doesnt clash too much. thats what i did in the past when i wrote a bit for a song i played with some friends at a show.


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        You shred, man.


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          That's more or less what I think to do with my show: precompiled sets of notes, each assigned to different wii-mote or gesture or buttons.

          And some hidden tweaks to change timbre and virtual instrument, too...



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            i see, well i can send you an email with a basic config over the weekend if you give me you email address or if you email me at hatchinatore at gmail dot com. the only unique thing i did in the config was allow you to have 2 sets of notes/chords with each position on the strum bar. its relatively simple when you understand the logic.

            oh and thanks haha, ive practiced a bit more and got better at it. im still working on more in the song still. im very busy though so it wont be done for a while..