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    Hi MC242,

    Use the /powermate/rotation/bounded message, it emits values that do not wrap around.

    OSCulator 3 has support for creating any kind of MIDI message you like with "MIDI Templates". It's a little but more involved than just selecting a MIDI because you have to describe the NRPN with hexadecimal values.

    If you wish to know more, please open a new thread and please give information about the NRPN you would like to send a receive, I will write a small tutorial on how to make this happen.



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      Thank you very much for the answer, Camille! I have just updated from El Capitan to Sierra for the latest Logic Pro X version and I'm experimenting now.
      I think I will also try to connect the Powermate with the app DFader which allows to hover the mouse over a parameter and control it with an external midi controller.
      But the NRPN resolution would be a great thing.
      Also there is the OSC protocol which might be even more interesting and far more flexible.
      So maybe I'll open a new thread then naming it Using Griffin Powermate and the Powermate tool to control Logic Pro X.

      Best wishes and thanks again,



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        camille - I've been using your script for a while under Mojave and it's been running like a dream.

        I don't seem to be able to get your script to run on Catalina.

        This is the error I get -

        Last login: Tue Feb 9 23:27:48 on ttys000

        williambrooks@Williams-MBP ~ % /Users/williambrooks/Downloads/oscltr-powermate/oscltr-powermate ; exit;

        zsh: bad CPU type in executable: /Users/williambrooks/Downloads/oscltr-powermate/oscltr-powermate

        Is there a simple solution to this?


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          Dear Bill,

          The problem is that macOS Catalina dropped support for 32 bit executable.
          I have compiled a new version of the tool, available here.

          Please let me know if it works for you!



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            Originally posted by camille View Post
            Please let me know if it works for you!
            camille - Thank you so much, this works perfectly! I have remote control of my sound card again