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Some features i would love to see :)

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  • Some features i would love to see :)

    Hello Camille, i thought i'd drop some feature suggestions for you

    1. Increase/decrease midi values for a command with variable speeds (set by numbers, not pre defined settings) This would be awesome for anything, having a foot pedal fade down the volume/value of something very very slow for example

    2. I want to trigger/lit up less in touchosc within oscillator, i could use an out message from any of my on-stage programs, however. As the toggle happens within oscillator, i want to be absolute sure that when the led is lit up, the toggle'd button is now available for usage.
    Example, Push 1 has two modes
    1 = reset filter
    2 = Launch clip 1

    2 is not active unless i enabled it with another button, (push2 for example)
    What i want to do is to have a led light up as push2 is enabled for usage.

    Perhaps this can be done already, i tried to read the documentation, but i was unable to get any results out of it

    I had one more but i forgot it as i was writing this, i'll get back once it gets back to me (currently in hardcore mapping mode
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    Thanks for the suggestions Johannes!

    For the second item, I would try an Enabled event.


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      I tried that, but i was unable to get it functional. Anyone had any luck with this?

      Johannes Drakenberg - Artist
      - Facebook - Soundcloud - Tour Dates - Youtube -


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        Let's say you have a toggle button in your layout.
        In OSCulator, assign an 'Enabled' event to your toggle button, and as Value, use another message defined in the list.

        When the toggle is off, the target event of the Enabled event will not fire.
        On the other hand, when the toggle is on, the events will be enabled for the other button.

        Is that what you were trying to do?