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Suggestion about Wiimote and Clssic Controller support

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  • Suggestion about Wiimote and Clssic Controller support

    I love using Osculator with my wiimote and classic controller but some games don't have game controller support so I thought it would be cool if you could make it so that the joystick could control the WASD keys.

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    Hi Guy,

    This is something you can easily do with OSCulator.
    With your Classic Controller plugged in, locate the left joystick message.
    Select the X axis and choose Edit->Split. This will create two new entries (one with lo and one with hi). The lo part is the mapping of the left side of the joystick ([0 0.5] to [0 1]) and the hi part corresponds to the right side ([0.5 1] to [0 1]). Now you can use the Keycode event to map the desired key events. Now you can assign the Keycode event 0 (A key) to the lo message, and Keycode 2 (key D) to the hi message.
    Repeat the operation for the Y axis.

    You should use the Keycode Helper window (Command-Shift-K) to find out what is the keycode associated with the key you want to press.

    Attached is an example file that maps the WASD keys to the left joystick of the Classic Controller for AZERTY keyboards.

    Attached Files