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    OSCulator works great, thanks for a good app.

    We are a few professionals who actually uses MSC a lot. It would be great if it would be implemented. A small thing for you but a great improvement for me.


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    Hi Tobbe,

    MSC is an extension of MIDI that I don't know well.
    It seems it is implemented through the use of System Exclusive messages. I need to explore a bit more this protocol to see if that is possible. Could you please describe how you would MSC with OSCulator?



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      Yes, MSC is a kind of System Exclusive that has a standard for controlling theatre equipment. Typically it's used to run light consoles from some kind of Live Show Control as Qlab or SFX. It is very practical when you have a long array of individual cues to run in a certain order with the option to jump to a specific cue. Most things could be made using other MIDI-command, but MSC is more practical and purpose made for live shows. Also, some light consoles and stage equipment don't listen to anything but MSC.

      For me it would be totally OK to type in the MSC in hex, but it is nice when software have an interface to select machine ID and type of message.

      I'd like to
      1. Use MSC to change OSC routing
      2. Use a WII remote as a remote controller for Qlab with the MSC command GO and also map MSC to a hardware MIDI output to run GO on light console that only understands MSC.
      3. Send MSC from Qlab to run scripts from OSCulator (because Qlab doesn't run scripts smooth)
      4. Try to use IR to send master data to a light console to let moving head lamps follow actor on stage.

      1-2 can be made without MSC, but when you have 300 cues it's getting tricky to name them and find the right cue.

      We are probably just a few people using MSC as it is a professional standard, but maybe others could find it useful to in some cases.

      Fantastic if you can come up with something!



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        Thank you Tobber for the details, I will read more about MSC.
        I may have something that may help you regarding this issue in the future.
        Please contact me at camille at osculator dot net if you would like to discuss more about it.


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          Just wondering if this ever got implimented

          I am trying to trigger an older strand lighting console from QLab and the strand only accepts Midi show control messages

          I could send them as hex if needed