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iOS version of OSCulator possible?

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  • iOS version of OSCulator possible?

    Long time since I last posted! Hi Cam!!!

    I just had a thought that it would be awesome to have a scaled down version of OSCulator for iOS. I know that it would not work for Wacom support, as there are no Wacom drivers for iOS, but now that iOS features native game pad support, *maybe* it would be feasible to have a tool that allows one to pair a Wiimote/classic controller/balance board, etc. to your iOS device and spit out Core MIDI, system events/keystrokes, or OSC (if inter-app OSC is even possible in iOS; haven't seen anything about it *not* being possible, so maybe there's hope). What do y'all think?

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    Hi Scott!

    Unfortunately, iOS has a very restricted set of Bluetooth devices it can connect to.
    It is not possible to write a Wiimote driver for this platform, unless perhaps on a jailbroken device.



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      Yeah, I thought that might be the case. And writing a driver for jailbroken devices wouldn't make for the best business model, since the overall number of jailbroken devices vs. the total number of iOS devices out there is quite low. Thanks for the reply, though!


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        However, if for some reason (charity, need for a new challenge, boredom?) you decided to try and write a driver for jailbroken devices, I would be happy to test for you (running iOS 7.0.4 on a jailbroken iPad Air). Just puttin' that out there!


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          Hi Camille
          Long time without using osculator because I moved into iPad for live performance. At a point I was tyred to move my Pacarana, Computer, two audio interfaces, balance board, wacom, cables.... around. But it doesn´t mean that I forgot those good times with Osculator ;-)

          As far as I see things are changing pretty fast. Even if no wiimotes or other (old and new) devices may be connected to an iPad the possibility of sending data from an iPhone to an iPad, or between two iPads is interesting enough. For instance, I may strap my iPhone to my saxophone and send gyroscope data to my iPad where all the live proccesing happens... or control the singer iPad where her FX is going on from mine...

          Any chance you think it twice???? I will be the first in the row but 100% sure not the last.


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            Hi Ruiz,

            Sorry I missed your message, and thanks for the nice words!

            Your suggestion is duly noted; please note that some apps on iOS allow you to send sensor data as OSC or MIDI, check out the App Store.