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  • JSON string decoding

    Hi Camille,

    It would be invaluable for integration with QLab to be able to decode their JSON-strings that is their default reply format:

    encoded in these strings are 1-n fieldname:data value tuples/datasets, and if those could be automatically decoded and split like for example the MIDI Notes (where you look at pitch, velocity, and trigger for every note received), then the contents could be re-routed sensibly to other applications !

    I would be so stoked (but I am sure I would not be the only one )! This would allow i.e. to set motorised faders to assume the positions as you select i.e. and audio cue, so would allow for bi-directional integration of control surfaces...



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    Hi Freddy,

    Replying to an old thread here, but I had a similar challenge of needing to reroute QLab OSC messages based on the contents of their JSON strings. [Actually a combination of Figure53's Go Button and QLab, but the central principle is the same].

    With help from Mic Pool, I found a solution, which is to use OSCulator simply to remap the JSON replies from Go Button so that they are written into the notes of a QLab cue. The actual JSON analysis is then done using a simple Applescript cue in QLab, allowing further triggers to be programmed as required.

    Full details in this thread on the QLab Google Group, including a worked example from Mic.

    Hope it's useful.